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Set Your Nonprofit's Annual Filings on Autopilot

Avoid Revocation of your 501(c)3  Nonprofit by the State or IRS...

without mission-stopping distractions and legal fees by our Auto-piloting or Hands Free

501c(3) package

***Early Tax Season Special Discount - EXTENDED through, April 15***


990 Nonprofit "Tax Return" Filing Deadline is Coming Fast!

Keep your Entity in Good Standing for 2020

Now it's easier than ever to keep your nonprofit compliant for the long term.

This Auto-piloting or Hands Free 501(c)3 package was designed exclusively for our 501(c)3 Formation clients to make it even easier for you to focus on building your resources and serving your mission - without the nagging feeling that a "failure to file" notice, financial penalty, or IRS 501(c)3 Revocation could come back and bite you.


In 2011, 275,000 nonprofits had their Federal tax-exempt 501(c)3 status revoked by the IRS for failure to file the Form 990, causing loss of funding and wreaking havoc on their activities. Meanwhile, all 50 states have some form of periodic reporting to maintain "Good Standing" - with no two states alike. Get the peace of mind that your nonprofit is safe, in a sea of ever-changing rules and guidelines.

Compliance and Nonprofit Maintenance is now the rule, not the exception.

In decades past, small business owners or nonprofit managers could handle the minimal regulations around maintaining corporate "good standing" with government agencies...

...but that simply isn't the case anymore. Ever-changing guidelines at the state and federal level are like "moving targets" for overworked social entrepreneurs.

Consider your highest value - is it doing paperwork, or creating the programs that serve your constituents and fulfill your mission, and finding the resources to make it all happen?

In the amount of time that you can try to comprehend an unfamiliar government form, complete it, assess any fees to include, and send it in the mail - not to mention the all-too-often rejection and delays caused by an inadvertent mistake or omission (which may then require legal representation). . . you could launch a successful fundraising event or dial in that grant-writing project that's been nipping at your heels. The Auto-piloting or Hands Free 501(c)3 packages lets you focus on your mission.

We often hear customer praise - with a request...

"Thank you for the AWESOME job starting my 501(c)3 nonprofit... 

now can you take care of our 990 taxes and Annual Report?"

Our response to customer demand for turn-key Annual Filings: Yes, we can!


Just like our 501(c)3 Formation service, we have designed this Auto-piloting or Hands Free 501(c)3 service to provide a ton of value for a moderate cost, and a super-easy and streamlined experience - so you can stay focused on your mission! No more worry or last minute calls to an accountant or lawyer - and no big fees!

Includes your 990-N Tax Return, Annual Report and/or Statement of Information, Certificate of Good Standing (or its equivalent) in your state, and provide live Q&A support through 2020.

In a simple, three-step process, we gather your nonprofit's vitals, create a filing schedule, and get to work, notifying you along the way! And every month, get your questions answered live!

Let's walk through what's included, and how it works, so you can decide if it's right for you.



Annual Report 

Also called "Statement of Information", maintains corporate "Good Standing" at the state level.

IRS Form 990-N 

This is the "Tax Return" for your 501(c)3 nonprofit.
It's required to maintain tax-exempt status.

Live Q&A and Training: 

Each month, you'll be
 invited to a live Q&A, in
corporate "Good Standing" at the state level.

Autopiloting or Hands Free 501(c)3 Maintenance...

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IRS 990-N Annual "Tax Return"

Today, all nonprofits with gross receipts under $50,000 must submit 990-N. If an organization fails to file a required Form 990 by the due date (including any extensions), it must pay a daily penalty up to $10,000. We'll file this for you, and provide proof of filing in your cloud backup.

Annual Report/ Statement of Information

To maintain corporate good standing status in most states, nonprofits are required to file annual or periodic reports with the Secretary of State, just like their for-profit counterparts. Though the forms and procedures are similar in every state, there is very little uniformity in how states handle due dates, fees, signature requirements, filing methods (paper vs. online) and additional filing requirements of other state agencies. We'll file your Annual Report and provide proof of filing in your shared cloud folder.

Certificate of Good Standing

Where available as part of filing, we will obtain and upload to your account a Certificate of Good Standing; in states where this is not automatically made available upon filing of the Annual Report, we will provide proof of current valid corporate status.

Monthly, Live Q&A

Your investment in the Hands-Free 501(c)3 Package will include invitation to exclusive monthly Q&A's, covering a wide range of topics, including infrastructure, building websites, online donation enabling tools, fundraising, corporate governance and more - potentially saving you thousands per year.

Customer Portal Access

Our new Customer Portal provides more streamlined, secure access to your documents, access to high-value video training, tools tips and downloads, a self-serve knowledge base, and all of your support options.

Training, Tools & Downloads

No matter what your level of nonprofit experience, no one wants to sit through the typical three-hour board meeting or muddle their way through creating the same documents and spreadsheets that every nonprofit needs. That's why we offer training, tools and downloads to help you stay focused on your mission.

What Customers are Saying about Hands-Free

Codi Woodland

“Everyone needs Hands-Free! Me most of all..."

Guys, you've been with me since I started, and I love how easy and streamlined it was to get started with Incorporation and Tax Exempt Status. But I'm not the greatest at keeping up with bureaucratic filings and paperwork. So I REALLY appreciate you rolling out this service - it is just what we all need!

Cody Woodman
- Serial Nonprofit Founder, Minnesota

“As an accountant, I know how people need Hands-Free!"

“Not only have I recommended InstantProfit for 5 years and appreciate their level of excellence, I ALSO know from helping people lower their tax burden, people often get in trouble forgetting to file!"

John Boyle | EA, CTC
- Tax Planner and Advisor, Arizona
John Boyle, EA
Sara Downey Robinson Satisfied Customer

InstantNonprofit will do the hard work for you."

I came home and found my acceptance letter already there and I went to tears.  If I had been bogged down trying to figure out the paperwork I wouldn’t have been able to launch. It’s the best investment I made for my nonprofit, hands down."

Sarah Downey Robinson
- Founder, Rise Up Yoga, Colorado



IRS Approval

100% Approval Guaranteed or your Money Back!

Secure Payment

Secure Payment

100% IRS Approval

100% Approval Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Approval Guarantee. While we do not control government agencies, all filings and remedies will be timely filed and any issues will be remedied, or we'll send you a prompt refund.