Ditch the Same-Old and Join our Adventure 

Want to make a massive impact in the world as an early team member with an exciting growth-poised startup? Look no further...

AVAILABLE NOW: Virtual Executive Assistant to Management Team

Expected Hire Date: Immediate

Three Primary Areas of Focus:
- Manage multiple independent projects, and support Executive Team projects
- Ability to use/learn any common online tools (CRM, Google Suite, marketing automation, light graphics & video etc.)
- High quality communication - internal projects and reporting, customer & vendor communications, and all aspects of training/course creation

Current Positions Open

Operations Associate

Expected Hire Date: Mid-April

Seeking an Operations Associate to join our team. You will work closely with the CEO, CMO and Fulfillment Team Lead across marketing, administration, and customer fulfillment. Unlimited growth opportunity for the right fit!

Our Recruiting Philosoply

Want to make a massive impact in the world as an early team member with an exciting growth-poised startup? If you are an analytical thinker with 1-3+ years experience who is comfortable implementing and optimizing processes and helping drive key business decisions by clearly communicating outside-the-box insights, we have the perfect job for you!

Are you the right person to help pull it all together?

The High-Level - 4 Areas of Responsibility for All Staff

Constantly Learning – Help the organization innovate processes at all times. You will support this effort and work to find ways to improve use of tech and processes to reach company goals.

Cross-Training  - Develop a basic understanding of Company systems and processes. Identify opportunities to increase efficiency and profitability while improving customer experience.

Digital proficiency  – All roles at this company will require proficiency  in integrated 3rd Party software platforms, as we stay abreast of technological advances, and implement new tools as needed.

Profitability – Our team understands there is a cost and a benefit to every action and decision. Team members pay attention to improving efficiency, quality, and simplicity both internally and customer facing.

Operations & Back Office

Training and coaching

As part of building an amazing work culture, management will set you up for success to work productively. Training, SOP's, and constant innovation is our path to success.

Delight customers

You’ll collaborate with internal teams to ensure customers the best experience and provide our team with the tools, resources and support needed to achieve these goals.

Day to day operations 

All staff needs to know our tools, as we manage tech platforms, organize schedules, manage projects, vet and onboard vendors, and update standard operating procedures.

Process Improvement & Tech

Every team member will help create solutions to improve our business, and integrate apps & tools to automate marketing and fulfillment processes and reporting.

Finance & Cash-Flow

Management will predict cash-flow by forecasting pipeline performance, streamline accounting, report on performance by campaign & department.

Human Resources

As we build out our organizational chart, Management will set up cross-training, leading, hiring, reviewing work performance, & providing feedback. 

How to Win Friends and Influence People 

  • You embrace change and don’t mind becoming a “Jack or Jill-of-all-trades”, with an innate desire to understand how things work - from people to technology. 
  • You have a passion to help people reach their goals, particularly through process and technology so they can go on to help other people or communities.
  • You solve problems from “first principles”. You’re excited to innovate, and you resist “this is how it’s always been done” thinking.
  • You’re unafraid of ambiguity. Rapid change and learning is exciting to you, and you thrive in less-defined, startup environments, and you’re comfortable creating workarounds.
  • You’re analytical. You’re great at detecting patterns, brainstorming, observing, interpreting data, and making decisions based on the multiple factors and options available to you. 
  • You’re relentless, and committed. You do what it takes to overcome and overdeliver, no matter what. If the site goes down on a Sunday or a rare emergency deadline pops up, you’re willing to drop brunch.
  • You’re a proven, proactive leader. You volunteer to take on initiatives without a defined path, and inspire others to dig deep within themselves. You are not easily offended and create versus complain.

Bonus Points - Icing on the Cake

  • You have experience starting or scaling a successful startup 
  • You’ve cleaned up a mess someone else made - and loved turning chaos into order
  • You’ve created training materials or processes for someone to follow

SPECIFIC OPERATIONS TOOLS IN OUR STACK: Google Suite (Sheets, Docs, Forms, Slides, etc.) - WordPress, GoHighLevel, Trello - ActiveCampaign - Slack - Wordpress - Zapier - Adobe Acrobat - Google Scripts a "+" - No custom coding or programming required

Why you’ll love working at InstantNonprofit 

We’re out to change the world on a global scale by providing platforms for social entrepreneurs to thrive through starting and running their own nonprofit. 

We get the highest customer ratings in the industry because we care enough to consider everything from the customer perspective, and our “Start with Why” company culture means everything starts with the employee. Hopefully you’ve heard of Simon Sinek, but if not, you might want to Google him!

Our Moonshot: Empower 1,000,000 Social Entrepreneurs. Without compromising our 5-star customer satisfaction, the co-founders chose to "reboot" every aspect of the company for simplicity and scalability - and for 2023-2025 we are poised for significant growth as the #1 offering in our niche.

Startup Culture

We’ve been around a few years, but we embrace a “startup culture”: positive environment that values “grit”, creative problem solving, open communication, and a flat hierarchy. Resilience and tenacity are absolutely key behaviors to succeed.  We’re a small team who know & like each other - no pretense here. We're professional but also authentic (because...life…). Everyone here works in the best interest of all team players. We care about you reaching your personal life goals as well as company goals


As a growing company, any open positions offer unlimited opportunity to move from a contractor or part-time-staff, to integral team leader, to a prime leadership role helping drive the direction and scale of the company. 

What we do in the world

Our amazing team helps nonprofit founders multiply their global impact with full-service form and file services, training and maintenance.

We have started more than 4,000 US-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations for social impact founders spanning the globe, across every conceivable charity mission. We’re out to massively change the world by empowering nonprofit founder.

Whether food and water projects, animal rescue, support of military veterans, raising human consciousness or environmental projects, our client base ranges from celebrities to athletes to parents, teachers, and teenagers - all of whom share one aim: Improve our World!

InstantNonprofit - Who We Are

We are leaders - Leadership is not limited to our management team. It’s something everyone at InstantNonprofit lives daily. 

We are doers - We believe that to predict the future is to build it. Creating solutions that will lead our company and our industry is what we do -- on every project, every day. 

We are learners - Unafraid to dig in and even lean in to inconvenient truth. Everyone here stays open to new perspectives and “live-fire learning” no matter what level it comes from,  and regardless if we’ve been in a role for one year or one minute. 

We are customer-obsessed - Our mission is to empower Social Impact Entrepreneurs to create major change in the world. We are committed to our customer’s success in realizing their missions and believe in connecting people with possibility. 

Our people are our brand - The magic of this company is our people, together making an “impossible game” possible and recognizing limits by breaking through them. We offer solid and growing compensation packages and limitless opportunity.

Our Commitment to a Diverse Workplace

  • In order, we’re focused on Growth Mindset, Maturity and Emotional Intelligence, and then skillsets - it's about the right person for the right job, not box-checking. 
  • That’s why we hire and cultivate diverse teams of the best and brightest from all backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. 
  • We believe that true innovation happens when everyone has room at the table and the tools, resources, and opportunity to excel.


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