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Our mission is to build a revolutionary platform where social founders of all backgrounds are empowered to not only launch their nonprofit, but to become the best world-changing leaders they can be.

Here's what we’re working on:

At InstantNonprofit we specialize in nonprofit formation for founders who are starting a 501(c)3 - and making it fast and easy - so they can focus on their world-changing mission. We’re proud to be constantly innovating an outdated industry, and have launched over 3,000 nonprofits operating all over the world, solving myriad problems for our planet, our fellow humans, and creatures of all kinds.

From large social impact entrepreneurs to community based charities, we help launch nonprofit ventures from “idea” to “IRS tax exempt status” and provide guidance and educational support on nonprofit management and compliance. We want all stakeholders including employees and clients to feel not just satisfied, but delighted! 


POSITION OPEN - Document Processing /Customer Success Manager 

Document Processing /Customer Success Manager 

What you will do:

You will create and manage a number of 501(c) formation files of varying size and complexity, and will be responsible for learning, understanding and communicating government requirements, preparing and submitting applications, and consulting with clients to develop appropriate solutions to drive positive outcomes. 

This is not an entry-level position, and it has incredible income growth and management opportunities for the right person. Help us grow, and have fun while we’re at it!

We are open to contractors and part-time (20+ hours per week) to start.

What we are looking for: 

  • You have experience with documents, business and government filings
  • You are extremely detailed oriented
  • You are a fast learner and problem solver who is not afraid to ask questions
  • You love to optimize the things you do in your life
  • You have a positive personality and are fun to work with
  • You have excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • You’ve managed complex projects
  • You’re proficient with tech applications: We use Google G Suite, Adobe Acrobat, Active Campaign, Zendesk, Zapier, project management software, and internet research

Compensation: Competitive compensation and benefits package commensurate with experience. 

Location and Hours: 20+ hours per week, open to contractors and part-time, local remote workers (moms welcome!), opportunity to grow to full time in our beautiful RiNo office.

Lifestyle: Employees enjoy a relaxed dress code, a popular, collaborative office space, and an entrepreneurial atmosphere full of great people that isn’t hindered by corporate red tape. As few meetings as possible!

Instant Nonprofit is an equal opportunity employer.

If this is you: 

Send us a 3-minute video and tell us about some of the projects you have worked on. Tell me about your experience and what you are trying to do in your career and work, and tell me why you would be a great fit to work with me and my team.

Email a link to your video here: [email protected]

POSITION OPEN: Director of Operations

Director of Operations

What you will do:

You are co-founder material who can help us grow this company by demonstrating mastery of customer fulfillment and improving all related processes (see Document Processing /Customer Success Manager position description), as well as rock the house with human resources, office management, metrics finance/accounting, and administrative functions.

We’ve hit  $1M+ in sales before, and knew we could "do us ... better". Without compromising our 5-star customer satisfaction, the co-founders chose to spend 2019 “rebooting” every aspect of the company for simplicity and scalability - and for 2020 we are poised for significant growth as the #1 offering in our niche. Are you the right person to help pull it all together?

What we are looking for: 

  • 3+ years successful track record in operations management (the work is important, title is not)
  • You enjoy and invest in personal & professional growth and development
  • You are self driven, results focused and like taking on big challenges
  • You are a "life-hacker", and love to solve problems, learn, and figure out new things
  • You like working in a fast paced environment with creative entrepreneur types
  • You want to work with a results-oriented, fun team  - where you’ll take your skills and your life up to the next level
  • You strike the right balance of “give a sh*t” and “get sh*t done”

If this is you: 

  • Send us a 3 minute video and tell us about some of the projects you have worked on. Tell us about your experience and what you are trying to do in your career and work, and tell me why you would be a great fit to work with me and my team.

Let's talk about working at our Startup

Let's be real about it: This kind of opportunity has unique benefits ... and requirements.


  • Fast-paced and fun, your ideas will contribute  
  • Awesome workspace filled with great people
  • Personal, professional, and income growth potential
  • Feel great about what you do - we make a difference!
  • You will absolutely learn a TON about business!


  • You'll wear a lot of hats with minimal delegation to start
  • Long hours on projects (not always but cometimes!)
  • No health or dental benefits until mid-to-late 2020 
  • Hard work on varied, difficult challenges 
  • Hard conversations are sometimes necessary

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Shoot a 3-Minute Video 

Resumes are okay, but we're more interested in getting a feel for a potential new team member in a more real, accessible way. We're not looking for perfect video production - just tell us why we should take the next steps with YOU! Jot some notes, grab your phone, and ...GO!


Email the link to your video to us

We're platform agnostic - upload your video to YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, or your grandma's server farm, and email it to [email protected]


Get ready for a new and exciting career path!

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