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Learn Which Nonprofit Package is Right for You

Express Launch 
For organizations projecting donations of less than $100k in any of initial three years



or $247 x 3
  • 1023 EZ Application
  • Small to medium nonprofits
  • Most customers complete everything needed in under 30 minutes
  • 6-12 week average approval
  • IRS Filing Fee is due prior to file submission (add'l $283)
  • 200% IRS 501(c)3 Approval  

Enterprise Launch



or $477 x 3
  • Plus Government Fees
  • Long-Form 1023 Application
  • Large Budget Orgs, Churches,  Schools, Hospitals & Private Foundations
  • Most customers complete everything in under 2 hours
  • 6-16 week average approval time
  • 200% IRS 501(c)3 Approval 
Evolved Entity
...includes all Enterprise Startup elements, plus 1 Year Training & Coaching and Next Year's State & Federal Compliance



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  • Proven social & serial entrepreneurs
  • Managed Corporate Governance
  • Following Year's State & IRS Returns 
  • High-Dollar Fundraising Coaching
  • Strategic Planning Consulting
  • 200% IRS 501(c)3 Guarantee
  • If interested in Ultimate, book a call to fine-tune to your needs

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IRS Approved

All Orders Include a 100% IRS 501(c)3 Approval Guarantee

Receive your IRS Approval, or your money back. End of story.

We believe it shouldn’t be hard to do good - and that nobody should feel self-doubt and confusion when starting a nonprofit organization.

Don’t let your calling your mission fail, simply because of government red tape and misleading information on the internet.

We deliver as promised, and pay careful attention to every detail - so you can focus on your mission. If something does come up, we have your back with our 5-Point Quality Guarantee. Trust us and we will get the job done right the first time.

This is why founders give us A+ BBB Ratings, 5-Stars on Facebook, and awesome reviews!

Rest Assured With Our 5-Point Quality Guarantee Included With All Plans...

IRS Approval Assurance: We take you from Idea to IRS 501(c)3, guaranteed. Don't be fooled by piecemeal offers.

No "Brain Damage": Easy-to-use technology, no confusing paperwork. Your caring Specialist handles your file A to Z.

Done-For-You: Check out, create your profile, & authorize work - and you're all done! We handle everything from there. Most customers can complete all this in under 20 minutes.

No Secrets: No hidden fees, no surprises! You 'll know what to expect, how it works, and we'll update you along the way.

Pay-It-Forward Policy: Your feedback helps us constantly improve, so we can pay-it-forward to our next Founder.

Don't take our word for it, see what our customers have to say!

Sammy Taggett | President, The Foundlings | Instant Nonprofit Customer

"Starting a 501(c)3 an be a long and expensive process, but I found a huge shortcut to start faster and easier than previously possible with InstantNonprofit."

Sammy Taggett a.k.a “Shoebox Moses"


Global DJ & Entertainer, San Diego

Leroi Catlin | Founder, Fresh Vision Group | Instant Nonprofit Customer

You guys were the subject matter experts and you have a proven track record in starting a 501(c)3 and  making the process easier for everyone. It allowed us to have more confidence in getting started and reaching out and working with people. 

LeRoi Catlin | Founder & President

Fresh Vision Group, Chicago's South Side


I was gonna give up and I was completely confused. I didn’t have the money to pay lawyers, then I found you guys and it almost looked too good to be true. This was a great experience and you walked me through the entire process!

Chystal Pate | Founder & President 
Healing & Hope, Texas

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does InstantNonprofit help with grant writing or fundraising as well as filing my 501(c)3?

InstantNonprofit offers basic fundraising training & resources, 100% free upon purchase of one of our 501(c)3 Formation packages. 

We also offer professional fundraising training through a long-time partner, who raises tens of millions for a broad array of causes. 

Finally, we have a growing list of vetted grant writers who are available for introductions.

What if I already formed an LLC (or other entity), or obtained an EIN, prior to engaging InstantNonprofit?

Some customers approach InstantNonprofit for our services, hoping that they can utilize an LLC or other entity formed independently prior to engaging us.

It’s important to note that the LLC entity type is not compatible with a 501(c)3 nonprofit; if you mistakenly started an LLC for the purpose of taking a step toward starting a nonprofit, it will need to be dissolved (we can help with this). 

The correct type of entity is the Nonprofit Corporation (called a Non-Stock corporation in Virginia).

It's also important to note that even in cases where the correct entity type was filed, there is also required addenda (Purpose and Dissolution Clause), without which the IRS will reject your application.

If you filed a Nonprofit Corporation but failed to add the required language prior to starting with us, don't worry! We'll carefully examine your documents and file the proper amendment at no charge (not including government fees).

Also any EIN that is or was assigned to another entity at any time is NOT able to be applied to your new nonprofit - a new one must be obtained.

The BEST thing to do is NOTHING - it's usually better to start fresh with InstantNonprofit - because we do it all FOR you!

Can I be reimbursed, or receive a write-off against my personal income taxes, for my nonprofit startup costs?

Yes, you may choose to be reimbursed (your nonprofit can pay you back after it raises funds or receives a grant), or you can choose to write it off as a charitable donation on your personal or business income taxes.

Keep receipts for such expenditures, and it's wise to create a paper trail, such as an invoice or acknowledgement of the expense provided by the nonprofit to the source of funds.

How much does it cost, and how long does it take?

The IRS has created two paths to 501(c)3 tax-exempt status based on expected donations: 

  • Organizations confident that they will raise more than $50,000 in the current tax year, or any of the following two tax years (these qualify for our Enterprise Plan)
  • One for organizations with expected donations below $50,000/year (or do not have a clear path to exceed that amount (these qualify for our Express Plan)

 About 88% of our customers qualify for Express, while the other 12% choose Enterprise. The  IRS 501(c)3 designation is the same.

If you choose the Express Plan and then exceed your wildest fundraising dreams, there is no penalty, and you do not have to re-file a thing! You will simply report your donations to the IRS  in the following year as normal.

Your investment in service fees and government filing fees is visible on the following page when you click "get started".

Can my for-profit and nonprofit work together?

Yes. You can build a strategic partnership with your for-profit and nonprofit, however, your nonprofit will be set up as it’s own entity and operate separately from your for-profit.

If I start a nonprofit under the Express plan and exceed $50,000 in donations, what happens?


While the Enterprise package is designed for larger organizations that anticipate donations exceeding $50,000 in years 1, 2 or 3, and the Express is for organizations expeting to fall below $50,000, there are no penalties for Express customers who exceed those numbers.

The IRS does not come back and make you file another application. You simply must report your revenues on the appropriate 990 tax form.