Founders: Raise $100k to $1M in 2021 and get results in 90 days


Jan 7, 14 & 21, 2021

1 PM  Eastern Time 


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What you’ll learn in this 3-Part Workshop:

Participants will walk away armed with a mini-arsenal of actionable training, tactics and tools so you can raise significant funds immediately in Quarter 1, while you access longer-term funding strategies through the rest of 2021, and grow your bank account, your team, and your capacities to match your vision. 

At the end of each workshop session, you will have the opportunity to join a small group of soon-to-be elite fundraisers in a program that includes in-depth content, community, and live coaching - and which raises millions each year for every single organization that applies it.

NOTE: Workshop materials will be emailed to you IMMEDIATELY. 

Register anytime, and you will get the replay of workshops you miss(ed)!

Workshop 1: January 7th, 2021 Annual Giving - One Gift Into Many

- The Donor Journey: 5 Stages
- Setting up Annual Giving Program
- Create a fundraising plan

Workshop 2: January14th, 2021 Events - Both Online and Live

- Event Branding & Positioning
- Peer-to-Peer/Viral Campaigns
- Experience Drives Giving

Workshop 3: January 21st, 2021  Major Gifts from Individuals

- Relationship-Building is Key
- Maximizing Gift Size
- Unlocking Donor Motivations

Your Fundraising Coach:

Dan Reed, Founder & CEO, SEED Fundraisers

Dan is a philanthropy executive with a passion for strengthening culture-building institutions. With a desire to activate generosity, Dan has served as a 8-to-10 figure professional fundraiser for over 15 years, for causes ranging from public education to the advancement of free enterprise to animal health.

 In 2015, Dan launched Seed Fundraisers to partner with nonprofit leaders to scale their fundraising operations and create lasting cultural impact.

Seed’s passion for generosity and the cultural power of the social sector is a driving force behind its programming. Previously, Dan worked in a variety of roles including as Chief Development Officer for Morris Animal Foundation. He serves on the board of Prodigy Ventures, a social enterprise focused on providing restorative work opportunities for disconnected young adults.

Raise $100K - $1M in 2021 and get results in 90 days

Reserve your seat now and join us for the 3 part live webinar series that will change the way you think about fundraising - as well as an actual path to cash in the bank.