Welcome to Your Grant Writing Workshop

This exclusive workshop, hosted by our professional fundraising coach inside of our Iconic Income Fundraising Program, is designed to equip you with the skills and strategies needed to secure vital funding. This comprehensive training will help you create compelling grant applications, choose the right funding sources, and integrate grants into your overall fundraising strategy.

Discover the art & science of grant writing 

in this one hour workshop you will learn: 

1. Application Curation: Learn to create compelling grant applications that align with your operational framework.

2. Funding Source Selection: Understand how to choose funding opportunities that benefit your organization.

3. Manageable Applications: Discover how to assemble realistic and achievable grant applications.

4. Strategic Integration: Develop habits for incorporating grants into your overall fundraising strategy.

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video summary with timestamps:

Introduction @ 0:00

In this engaging introduction, Sarah Fox Tracy, our Fundraising Coach sets the stage for the workshop, highlighting the vital role of operationalizing grants as a cornerstone of successful fundraising. She emphasizes the importance of developing clear program designs and robust evaluation structures. Participants are invited to reflect on their current challenges with grants, preparing them for a transformative learning experience.

Operationalizing Grants @ 6:48

Discover the essential steps to operationalize grants effectively. Sarah discusses the importance of creating outcome-driven logic models and building a solid evaluation infrastructure. Learn how to scale your grant programs efficiently with the right staffing and technology. This section encourages you to start small, focusing on manageable improvements that can yield significant results.

Five Fundraising Strategies @ 7:14

Explore the five core fundraising strategies: grants, annual giving, major gifts, events, and corporate sponsorships. Sarah provides a comprehensive overview of each strategy, helping participants understand their current utilization. This segment is enriched by real-life examples, including an organization starting with grants and another actively engaged in writing proposals and securing donor funds.

Resources for Grants @ 21:51

Equip yourself with essential tools and templates for effective grant management. Learn how to develop a source book, streamline your portfolio process, and conduct thorough prospect research. Sarah also offers practical advice on outsourcing tasks to volunteers, maximizing your resources, and enhancing your grant management efficiency.

Program Design @ 35:41

Gain insights into designing clear and impactful program models. This section covers the crucial steps of identifying problems, crafting interventions, and defining outputs, outcomes, and impacts. Sarah provides compelling examples to demonstrate how to align activities with mission goals and drive long-term community transformations.

Program Evaluation @ 44:13

Master the art of tracking outputs and outcomes with regular data collection and impact reporting. Sarah emphasizes the importance of quarterly review meetings and making iterative improvements based on feedback. She compares grant management to major donor relationships, highlighting the importance of cultivation and stewardship.

Grant Management @ 49:26

Delve into the operational details of effective grant management. Learn how to develop a robust evaluation and reporting infrastructure, move funders through a structured portfolio process, and design high-ROI proposals. Sarah provides valuable tips on qualifying appropriate grants and tracking your activity to ensure sustained success.

Next Steps: Apply what you've learned

Now that you’ve accessed the grant writing workshop and materials, it’s time to put your new knowledge into action. Here are a few steps to help you get started:

1. Review the Workshop Materials:

  • Watch the video and go through the slide deck thoroughly
  • Take notes and highlight key points that are relevant to your organization.

2. Identify Your Priorities 

  • Reflect on your current grant writing and fundraising strategies
  • Identify specific areas where you can implement the insights and tools provided in the workshop.

3. Create an Action Plan

  • Develop a step-by-step plan to operationalize grants within your organization.
  • Set achievable goals and timelines for each phase of your plan

Thank you for your Dedication

Thank you for your commitment to making a difference. We believe in your vision and are excited to see the incredible impact your nonprofit will achieve. Together, we can create lasting change in our communities. 

Happy Grant Writing!

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