Curious about the best process to select a name for your new entity? Whether you’re starting a nonprofit or a commercial venture, the challenges and principles of naming your organization are fundamental. The idea is to keep this process short and sweet because while naming is important, you can’t let it get in the way

1Typically, notice is required prior to meetings of boards of directors. However, many nonprofits don’t have time to waste on such formalities – and if so, this Waiver of Notice document will do the trick. Waiver of Notice and Consent 6-9-152Recruiting board members can be daunting. When you ask someone to join your board, often the

We’ve all heard the old saying, “Fail to plan, plan to fail.” However, too often – and this has happened to nearly everyone – it’s not the failure to plan, but simply being unsure of the steps involved, that can kill a dream of doing big things – including launching your nonprofit.You can breathe a

designer drawing website development wireframe with markerWe’ll get more in-depth in upcoming training materials and reviews, but here’s the quick-and-dirty on the Top 5 Nonprofit Website solutions out there in 2015 (and a tutorial for each):WordPress – The World’s Favorite Website SolutionMore than 74 Million sites rely on the WordPress platform, which equals about 1/5

Posts, Tweets, and Shares . . . oh my!The good news? You don’t have the same problem with social media that you do with the website issue – because there are only a few social media tools you should be using.The bad news? Social media, like many other topics related to starting a nonprofit, can

COMING SOON!PayPal or Square? Dwolla, or a full-blown merchant account? Initially, Paypal is easiest, and many people already have an account. But you don’t want to get too far along before ditching PayPal for something that you and your donors will like much better. Before long, you’ll want to make it easy for people to

Raising Seed FundingPart of “The Hero’s Guide to Nonprofit Fundraising” (Scroll down to jump the the modules)One doesn’t go straight from “launch” to a mass-based fundraising program (e.g., direct mail or online through email and social media); it simply consumes too much time and too many financial resources.Therefore, that’s generally not the best place to

There’s good news for people in the WordPress community who are looking for a simple Nonprofit CRM solution! In 2008, WordPress emerged as a serious contender in the CMS (content management system) market and to date has captured over 50 percent of the top one million websites built on a CMS. In just the last

Better known around here as “The Mighty Triumvirate of Free Apps That Will Make Your Life Awesome”, studies show these can cut your stress-load and your workload by one zillion percent.These three amazing, easy-to-use tools can channel the chaos of hard-to-corral lists, information, contacts, opportunities, and communication into an integrated, organized set of systems. (Chaos,