We're super excited to bring you this Challenge - designed so ANYONE can do it, even if you are busy with a job, kids, or just a busy life - so in less than a week, you will emerge with an actionable, step-by-step fundraising plan!

You Challenge Access will give you:

☑️ Daily Training by experts who have started fundraising from scratch again and again, and who will teach how to go from zero to significant funding

☑️ Tools and templates you can download, with paint-by-numbers steps to turn them into your fundraising toolkit

☑️ A safe, exciting environment to develop and "try on"  your new assets and skillsets while you prepare to implement them...then you'll launch them!


Make sure you take steps 1 and 2 above, and WELCOME to the 5 Day Founder-Fundraiser Challenge Starting MONDAY, JUNE 21ST

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National Fundraising Expert with $100M/Year Philanthropy Portfolio

Founder & CEO of SEED Fundraisers Dan Reed

Fundraising Veteran with over 3,000 Nonprofits Launched

Founder & CEO of InstantNonprofit Christian LeFer

Go ahead and get this out of the way now:


What's Included in this Challenge

By the end of this 5-Day Challenge, you will have the 5 Key Elements of a Fail-Proof Major Gifts Fundraising Plan and Your First 5 donor appointments.


Day 1: Mindsets and Skillsets of a Founder-Fundraiser

This is all about your "Why"! We'll start with your One-Sentence One Paragraph, and One-Page Mission Statement. Next, if you experience anxiety over fundraising, we’re going to dispel it here. The fact is, no one starting out feels “in the zone” when it comes to questions like, “Where do I find donors?” or “How do I approach Donors?” … and even worse, many founders feel they need funding sooner than any process will allow. We’ll cover all this and more, including why “Fundraising Is Not Sales”.


Day 2: Target Funding Level and Use of Funds Outline

Day 2 determines your "When". No goal was ever reached without a deadline and a deployment plan. That’s why knowing how much you plan to raise is essential - you’ll pick a number; you can always revise up or down. Next, we’ll create a Use of Funds plan, which is a great way to back into Phase 1 of “Defining Your Program(s)”. Again, this is about narrowing your focus, and executing.


Day 3: Your Founder’s Story & Case for Support

"What is Your What?" Neurobiology research shows that donors give based upon a compelling emotional reason, and only then seek a logical plan to back it up. We’ll draw a line stronger than a steel cable between your passion and the compelling reasons your prospective donor is just waiting to be asked for their support! Today, you’ll emerge with your completed fundraising Trifecta: Your Story, Case for Support, and your Programs.


Day 4: Strategic Donor Portfolio

The fourth and final piece of the Fundraising Puzzle we will cover is your "Who". Enter your customized Strategic Donor portfolio. This is where you will assemble your "concentric circles" of potential donors don't worry we'll tell you where to find them) and drop them into a simple nurture management system, which allows even the most time-limited Founders to leverage every available opportunity without the "brain damage" of trying to remember what to do next. 


Day 5: Finalize and LAUNCH Your Action Plan!

On Day 5 we'll bring it all together! You will have the final opportunity to submit your work to date, and our team will go hands-on in rapid-fire Hot Seat sessions to stoke your fundraising fire! We'll host an extended Q&A and tie together all of the lessons into a machine designed to produce a conveyor belt of donors to your doors. We'll go live with additional bonus materials too!


WEEKEND BONUS SESSIONS: Training, interviews more!

On Saturday and Sunday, we’ll interview some of the best Challenge member implementations, award prizes, and cover awesome bonus content, including: “Zoom Zero to Media Hero” Training by Media Coach, CNBC TV Host & Recording Artist Amy Scruggs; “How to Use Research Tools to Find Major Donors in Your Niche” with $100M Fundraiser & CEO of Seed Fundraisers Dan Reed; “Copywriting for Closers - Let Your Keyboard do the Talking” by InstantNonprofit CEO Christian LeFer. 


My Journey from "Newbie" to Ninja

In my first "real" nonprofit job, I was told to wear a suit, bring a briefcase, and learn a presentation. The costume was easy; however I was almost fired due to my difficulty in learning by heart a 25-minute script matched up to forty-something slides.

After convincing my boss to let me out into the fundraising field despite my stumbling style and painful pauses, I got on a plane, hopped into a rental car in wintry, wind-whipped Wisconsin, and followed printed maps to a home where I felt teleported back to the 1950's.

My first-ever "prospects" were a husband and wife who owned a small farm-implement manufacturing company. These were the modest, old-fashioned folks in "flyover country" - whom one might encounter while reading a Hardy Boys novel. And they had money.

The Earl Grey tea "the missus" made me warmed my hands and tasted good as I nibbled a dry tea biscuit. I'd have taken any excuse to delay the real reason I was there, surrounded by floral wallpaper and patterned doilies that adorned every piece of furniture. . .

"Why would anyone sign up for this?" I almost wondered aloud. I eventually pulled out my caveman-era laptop and presented, thankful I didn't pass out right on the spot.

As I came to the end, I made the ask, then shut my mouth, as I had been trained. What I didn't know was that the road to this moment had been carefully paved ahead for me.

My hosts smiled, reviewed some desk papers, and quietly discussed my request, which seemed immense to me: $10,000.

The next few minutes felt like hours.

My pasted smile faded. I fidgeted with my hotel key, and glanced out the window at my little roller-skate rental car... then I was handed a check for $10,000.

The next thing I knew, I was in that car. I almost drove into the ditch as I left their driveway, elated and shocked. My life's trajectory changed that day, forever.

Today, I am an elite fundraiser. I'd like to share how you can be as well...

- Christian LeFer, CEO InstantNonprofit

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