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Raise Fast Cash - Without "Selling"or Frustrating Tech Headaches

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Failure to raise the funds you need can stop your nonprofit in its tracks.

Whether it's for paychecks or programs, you have to raise donations to operate.

Many nonprofit founders don’t realize that they need a fundraising system.

Unfortunately, they also struggle to grow their nonprofit and make an impact with their important mission.

But one of the secrets of highly successful fundraisers is having a simple, reliable donor connection and a way to cultivate those relationships systematically.

They don’t leave raising financial support to chance… they have a repeatable process to generate prospect leads and manage their portfolio to connect with donors to secure repeat gifts.

Now you too can unlock the secrets to raising money with the same specific mindsets, tools, and systems - along with a step-by-step guide wichich walks you through the action to raise fast cash.

This is why we've created the... 

Major Gifts Fundraising MasterClass

Success-minded nonprofit founders and core team members can achieve proficiency in fundraising in a short time, with a simple, proven set of assets and processes.  

There is one method of raising money that stands out as the runaway winner.  

The fastest and largest return on investment

especially for small to medium size nonprofit startups is Major Gifts. 
This is why we’ve created the Major Gifts MasterClass,

a power-packed no-nonsense online course for founders like you.

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This MasterClass Delivers, so You Can Too! Here's What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Each course module is carefully segmented into bite-size pieces so you can log in and make progress in baby steps or big leaps “win-stacking” along the way. You'll also be guided through 5 units of skill-development assignments (plus bonus material). This all culminates in a certification which will demonstrate your mastery and confidence in raising cash for your Nonprofit.

Research shows there are three pillars to a transformative, applied learning experience, and all three are essential when it comes to tackling something as challenging as fundraising.

This “Applied Learning” model is far superior to a passive, informational approach, as you will execute a series of proven steps to equip yourself and actually raise money NOW. These transformative learning pillars are...

1. Content

This MasterClass includes more than 12 hours of video training to guide you through developing your Origin Story, creating your Donor Toolkit, and identifying and inviting prospects to live a bigger life through financially supporting your organization. Every resource you will need to raise money is provided. Among the many guides and templates you will make your own - including proposal templates, samples, recommendations, and major gift portfolio templates.

2. Coaching

Any applied nonprofit fundraising course needs to involve mentorship to be effective. This allows you to build your fundraising muscles. For four weeks, you’ll work live in a private video room with top coaches and guest subject matter experts. In these trainings we'll be answering your questions, letting you share your experience and insights. This is where we will talk about the lessons, and get feedback about your celebrations and your frustrations. Here we focus on removing obstacles so you can reach your fundraising objectives

3. Community

A nonprofit fundraising course should also include peer support. as it’s important for you to interact with other bright, dedicated founders who share the common goal of raising money with finite resources. Our private messaging and sharing group is a peer-learning moderated environment where you will share your progress, get feedback and encouragement. Of course we ask everyone to contribute as you are able. This is also a place you can request situational guidance that can be addressed during the next coaching video session, realize spontaneous insights, and "focus group" your work product along the way. Our start-to-finish training will have you ready to roll with ongoing support with a Rockstar group of peers

Major Gifts Magic Course Modules

Each of these modules below comes with a full complement of matching, pre-formatted downloads, guides and templates.


Checkpoint 1: Intro Roadmap & Pre-Training: Master Your Mission Statement

Magnetize your donors to your mission! You will master your mission statement.

This “elevator pitch”  will allow you to speak with confidence and conviction to powerfully connect with and build relationships with donors. You’ll also develop your nonprofit story, learn how to unearth your compelling “Why” statement by distilling your Hero’s journey. Speak with confidence, starting with your one-sentence mission statement that will attract ideal donors to you.


Checkpoint 2: Develop a Benefit-Driven Budget and Use of Funds

For the next leg of our journey, we will develop two of your organization’s key assets: Your Use of Funds and Budget documents. Even the most casual donors with the capacity to write a Major Gifts check to your organization want a simple, written document explaining how their funds will be used. You can exceed their expectations and close donors by learning to powerfully articulate how you will create lasting change.  Transforming their dollars into programs and activities will then be a no brainer.


Checkpoint 3: Build Your Case For Support and Donor Engagement Toolkit

Next, we'll build the most important document your nonprofit will ever create - your Case for Support. Your Case for Support will serve as the “Swiss Army Knife” of any fundraising program - it can serve as the backbone of your marketing and communications tool, a training and planning guide, and a source of inspiration across all stakeholders. This key document will powerfully convey your mission, vision, accomplishments (past, present and/or planned), your staff’s credentials, why your mission matters, and (particularly important in today’s glut of causes and distractions) why the donor should care.  Most important, your CFS invites the donor to financially participate!


Checkpoint 4: Develop Your Donor Prospect List

“Where do I find donors?” is one of the most frequently asked questions we hear coming from our family of nonprofit founders. But like many of the solutions we seek in life across all domains, the answer starts in our own back yard and grows to span the entire globe. With approximately ~ 69% of Americans (and ~91% of wealthy households) giving charitably, and over $439 Billion in private dollars distributed in 2019, there’s plenty of money! The challenge is finding and connecting with the individuals, companies, and foundations who are looking to deploy it. We’ll smash through this obstacle with a simple process of defining and exploring “concentric circles” of relationship. By the end of this checkpoint, you will come away with a donor list that will likely surprise you.


Checkpoint 5: Manage Your Strategic Donor Portfolio

Fundraising is an emotionally charged, brain-taxing process, and without a Strategic Donor Portfolio management system, you might raise some money some of the time, but will likely fail to consistently produce results.  Now it’s time to place donor prospect inside an easy-to-use, predictable system where you’ll cultivate them through the 5 stages of giving: identification, qualification, cultivation, solicitation and stewardship. This helps guarantee that, regardless of the situation, you’ll create a conveyor belt of donors and go from random starts and stops to a consistent flow of prospects and funding.


Checkpoint 6 [and Finish Line!]: Execute Your First Major Gifts Solicitation

Now that you have your arsenal of Donor Engagement Tools, a prospect list, and a means to manage those potential donors, it’s time to set up and carry out your Major Gifts Donor Prospect meetings!


Major Gifts MasterClass Bonuses!

Bonus 1
Lights Camera, Action! 

Media training used to be only for professionals that were preparing for major network appearances. However, in today’s digital world, on-camera readiness is critical for getting your message delivered, staying on top of marketing and donor
relations and branding to help grow your nonprofit.

This power-packed training will MASSIVELY up your media/video game so you can confidently share your mission and close donors 1-to-1, online!

Bonus 2
Donor Research Tools

Dan Reed, who personallly raises millions every year and leads a team with a more than $100 Million dollar fundraising client portfolio, breaks down how to research the two most critical attributes of your potential door prospects:

Giving Capacity (how much any particular prospect is ABLE to give) and Giving Propensity (how frequently they are inclined to give). You won't want to miss this training session!

Bonus 3
Create Major Giving Tiers

This training will cover the fundamentals of creating giving tiers for major donors, so that they can take a greater part of gauging for themselves the upper limits of their financial participation level.

We've all heard of the old "Silver, Gold, & Platinum" levels, but today's sophisticated donor seeks a deeper connection to mission - so we'll explore impact-related, sponsorship, and recognition-based tiers.

Additional Bonuses Include:

  • Get Organized with Low-Cost and No-cost, Easy-to-Use Tech
  • Win-Stacking for Productivity: Get More Done in Less Time without Stress
  • Nonprofit Hiring & Payroll: Employees, Contractors, and Freelancers

About The Course Teacher, Christian LeFer

With a burning passion to help others become all they can be, Christian has served many roles in the nonprofit sector, including as a board member, professional fundraiser, copywriter and strategist. Over the past 3 decades, he has raised millions for causes and campaigns ranging from individual liberties to global consciousness.

In 2014, after becoming morally outraged at the difficulty of starting a 501(c)3, Christian founded Yippiekiyay - evolved later as InstantNonprofit, and as CEO he has overseen the creation of over three-thousand 501(c)3 nonprofits operating worldwide, serving every conceivable mission and purpose.

His passion for freedom of expression and self-actualization has guided him on a continual journey to unveil and demolish obstacles faced by nonprofit founders, beyond nonprofit startup filings and tax-exempt status.

Christian’s “big bet”? That social enterprise founders are the superheroes of a new era.. Personal values now tower over classic norms as the new basis for identity & behavior, creating a convergence of Cause & Commerce. Stay tuned for his upcoming podcast and media appearances, as well as his upcoming book: “Supercharge your Life, Your Legacy and Your Future with a 501(c)3 Nonprofit: The “Quantum Entity”.

Affordable Investment, Unlimited Potential Value

An MBA in Nonprofit Management and Development costs between $15,000 and $30,000, and can take 1-2 years to complete. While we are in favor of education, most founders do not have the kind of resources and time at their disposal for this.

Grant Writing? Absolutely essential for the long term success of many organizations, but with costs of $2500 to $10,000 or more for a grant writer, competition for grants, limitation on use of funds for specific program outcomes, and a timeline for the award, most organizations need discretionary funds in the bank to even consider writing grants. With the costs and risks associated with nearly every other path to fundraising mastery, this Major Gifts Magic Fundraising MasterClass delivers massive ROI!

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Our 100% Money Back Guarantee: If you purchase this course, complete the work, and execute your unique fundraising plan, and do not in 2021 raise at least FIVE TIMES what the course cost you, send back proof of completion and we'll issue a full refund. We've never seen this program fail!

Your personal note

The #1 biggest reason I'm so excited to bring this Major Gifts MasterClass to you is because I have personally raised millions using these proven principles and practices - and I want YOU and YOUR mission to succeed!

Your success in Major Gifts fundraising is vitally important to our brothers and sisters in need worldwide, as well as those right in our back yard.

I honor your commitment to learn and grow in pursuit of our shared goals!

- Christian LeFer | Founder & CEO | InstantNonprofit