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Expert 501(c)3 Formation services, so you can stay focused on your mission

Unlike many other "Business Services" companies who don't specialize in nonprofits, our formation packages include EVERYTHING you need to go from "Idea" to IRS Tax-Exempt Nonprofit.

Each of our 501(c)3 Formation packages starts with five fundamental components: 
  • Articles of Incorporation, filed in your State 
  • Obtaining your EIN (Tax ID Number)
  • Your 501(c)3 Application, including all schedules as needed
  • Bylaws as well as all other required policies and addenda 
  • Our "Corporate Governance" Documents Package
Below, you will choose the package option that is best for you based upon the scope and activities of YOUR nonprofit, so your journey can be successful and hassle-free!

Most popular; for organizations projecting income less than $50k in any of years 1-3.



  • 1/2 Hour Average Client Work
  • 1023 EZ; 6 Week IRS Approval
  • 82% choose Express Package
  •  State Incorporation Fee varies*
  • IRS Filing Fee additional $275*

NOTE: Incorporation Filing Fees vary by state & are paid separately on next page. You will be requested to pay IRS 501(c)3 Filing Fees on a subsequent page. IRS fees may be paid at time pf purchase, or later prior to submission.  **Our Enterprise 501(c)3 process saves an average 6 months from "normal" IRS average approval time, so you can confidently fundraise months sooner, keep your supporters engaged, and focus on your mission! Note: Churches and Schools must purchase Enterprise Package.

100% IRS Approval Guaranteed

IRS Approved

We deliver results, not promises. We  confidently offer this guarantee, because we carefully vet every element of your IRS Application for Tax-Exempt Status, assuring it meets our strict standards.