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Payroll Made Easy 

via a simple app

Payroll Guidelines and How-To Overview

Hands-Free for PSLF practitioners includes full payroll services, including all tax filings.

Scroll down and review the videos and tutorial sections. Covers both on-boarding and ongoing payroll processing and review.

Our PSLF Payroll program is based upon the required 30 hours/week, 130 hours per month. Because each month technically spans 4.3 weeks, we've calculated all PSLF-qualifying payroll at 30 hours per week and 130 hours per month, paid monthly. Each month, you will have access to pay stubs in the appropriate amount, to provide the documentation necessary to qualify for the PSLF program, and for other purposes as needed.

Follow the steps below to utilize your payroll app!


We've already set up your Payroll Account.

Once you purchased your annual subscription to your Hands-Free services, InstantNonprofit staff enters all relevant company and employee information, and we also perform as many steps below as we are able. The process varies by state, though, so you may be required to help.


Get a state Tax ID and UI Number*.

Unless you already have one, every new employer must obtain state Tax ID and state UI numbers. If you are in one of the states providing exemption, complete that request form. Founders must personally perform this process in most cases, due to the type of info required.


Synchronize your Bank Account. 
Our payroll app uses the internationally respected Plaid API to interface securely with your bank. It takes seconds to move through this step. If your bank is local and does not have a robust API, we will make a small deposit in your account; enter the amount to confirm.


Choose your Payroll Services Start Date.

If InstantNonprofit is taking over for another payroll service, you'll need some information from your previous service provider to smoothly transfer over to our service. If you're just starting fresh, simply select the current month.


If you choose, set up Direct Deposit.

Instead of writing manual paper checks each month, you may set up Direct Deposit. As employer, you will need to enable this feature, but since you will have already synced your bank account for tax payments, it's simply a selection under "Settings" in the top navigation bar.


Each Month, Run your Regular Payroll.

Once you complete the process of on-boarding into our payroll app, you'll run payroll once per month, by logging in and entering 130 hours, and hitting "Approve Payroll". It's that simple!


Review your Settings and Reports anytime!

Once you've completed the steps above, you can sit back with the confidence that, should you ever need to access a pay stub, review upcoming payroll tax liabilities, or change an hourly rate or other account setting, nearly everything you would want to access is available under "Settings" or Reports" in the top navigation bar.


It is important that you get your questions answered. InstantNonprofit is here to answer any questions regarding Payroll processing & related tax filings, and Nonprofit-related documents. We cannot answer PSLF related questions.


Questions regarding qualifying for Public Student Loan Forgiveness must be directed to Ian Hoffman, the Student Loan Eraser, at [email protected].

We will provide guidance regarding COVID-19/Coronavirus and the PPP Program via posts and broadcasts only; check with your accountant or other professional to get specific guidance on these programs.

Please let us know if you need additional support!

Contact Us

For payroll or support, call 303-306-4669 x3