Get your Payroll Data to Take Advantage of COVID-19 Relief

Coronavirus Relief Nonprofits


If you are an InstantNonprofit (formerly Changemakers) payroll customer and you need to access payroll records to apply for the Small Business Administration (SBA) Paycheck Protection Program, follow the guide below to find all three documents needed to prove your payroll data.

PLEASE NOTE: You must be logged into your account at www.approvepayroll.com to access your payroll reports using the direct links below. Open a new tab and log in now.

Also, Q1 2020 Tax Filings will be available in when you log into ApprovePayroll.com the last week of April, 2020. In the meantime, you can find Q1 2020 information in the Payroll Details Report.

Follow the Steps Below to Access your Payroll Data:

Payroll Details Report

​Log In and Select Reports > Payroll Reports > Payroll Details.

For Company Payroll Totals:

  • Enter the Start and End Dates you need.
  • Make sure the correct employees and all Sources are selected.
  • For “Group By,” choose “Totals.”
  • Click “Run Report.”
  • The total Earnings will be in the top left section.

For Totals By Employee:

Run the report again, but change the “Group By” to “Employee” to see totals for each employee for the date range.

Click here to view your report

You will need to be logged into the software.

941 Quarterly and 940 Annual Tax Reports

Full-Service Payroll Customers: Find your Form 941s and 940 under Reports > Payroll Tax Reports > Tax Filings. Select the tax year and click “Run Report.” They will be in the quarterly tax filing packet PDF.

Basic Payroll Customers: Find your Form 941s and 940 for past quarters under Reports > Payroll Tax Reports > 941s. Select the year and quarter you want to download. 

W-3 Summary

If you need to find your W-3 information, go to Reports > Payroll Tax Reports > W-2 & W-3 Summary.

In the report dropdown, choose “Company W-3 Summary,” select the year, and click “Run Report.”


It is important that you get your questions answered. InstantNonprofit is here to answer any questions regarding payroll processing & related tax filings, and Nonprofit-related documents. We cannot answer PSLF-related questions, or those regarding applying for unemployment or PPP/Coronavirus Relief.

We will provide guidance regarding COVID-19/Coronavirus and the PPP Program via posts and broadcasts only; check with your accountant or other professional to get specific guidance on these programs.


Questions regarding qualifying for Public Student Loan Forgiveness, strategy regarding how to manage your nonprofit during these uncertain times, etc., must be directed to Ian Hoffman, the Student Loan Eraser at [email protected]