Easily Recruit Members and Build Your Board of Directors

Chances are, if you’ve asked a friend, family member or business colleague if they’ll serve on your board of directors, you’ll get “the look.”

You know the one. It’s the look of skepticism that says: “So...what exactly am I signing up for??”

If you don’t have a GREAT answer for that question, you’re going to have a hard time recruiting good board members! This free document solves that problem instantly.

The FREE “Consent to Serve Form for Director Recruitment”
spells out in clear, concise language exactly what’s expected of your potential board members - and later protects the relationship in the case of Directors who go "missing"!

Instantly resolves these questions and preserves relationships:

  1. 1
    What are my time commitments and duties?
  2. 2
    What if something bad happens? Am I liable for anything?
  3. 3
    What if I don’t want to do this anymore?

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