Avoid Needless Delays in Your 501(c)3 Nonprofit Status Being Approved by the IRS

One of the main reasons 501(c)3 applications are delayed is because they are determined to be incomplete due to failure to include the appropriate schedule.” 

Bottom line - including the EXACT required schedule with your Form 1023 is critically important for the approval process. And that’s exactly what this Cheat Sheet was designed to do.

Michael Hirschman FEAT

The Cheat Sheet walks you through:

  • The exact qualifications your church, school, low-income housing, hospital or medical research organization must list in order for maintain its nonprofit status
  • The 3 Tests you must answer affirmatively to qualify as a Supporting Organization
  • What to do if you’ve waited too late to file a 1023 form
  • SCHOLARSHIPS: what you should AVOID listing on your application or risk unnecessary delays

Download the "IRS FORM 1023 Cheat Sheet" below!

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