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How To Start Your 501(c)3 Tax-Exempt Nonprofit Without Headaches, Delays or Legal Fees

. . . So You Can Make a Living While You Change The World

Your Host:

Christian LeFer

CEO, InstantNonProfit.com

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Jacqui Long

VP of Marketing

The World Needs Your Movement NOW. We'll Show You How Get Started FAST.

  • Discover how you can become an IRS-approved Nonprofit in weeks (not months). So you can start raising funds and turn your dream into a reality NOW.
  • The Proven S.M.M. Formula For Raising $12,000 to $100,000 In Less Than 14 Days. (Hint: no technology needed or fundraising experience required)
  • Why demand for your nonprofit services are poised to skyrocket in the months and years to come. And why you should take advantage of it ASAP!

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