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"You can’t save the world if you can’t pay the rent!"

I'll never forget hearing those words from mentor Morton Blackwell, as I struggled to earn enough to support myself in full-time nonprofit work. And when my friend Dan Reed and I were that day showed how to unlock  large donor checks from tiny lists in a short span of time,  I was shocked. Dan stayed in philanthropy, and raises tens of millions per year today. Here's the story of my first Major Gifts "ask"...

In my first "real" nonprofit job, I was told to wear a suit, bring a briefcase, and learn a presentation. The costume was easy; however I was almost fired due to my difficulty in learning by heart a 25-minute script matched up to forty-something slides.

After convincing my boss to let me out into the fundraising field despite my stumbling style and painful pauses, I got on a plane, hopped into a rental car in wintry, wind-whipped Wisconsin, and followed printed maps to a home where I felt teleported back to the 1950's.

My first-ever "prospects" were a husband and wife who owned a small farm-implement manufacturing company. These were the modest, old-fashioned folks in "flyover country" - whom one might encounter while reading a Hardy Boys novel. And they had money.

The Earl Grey tea "the missus" made me warmed my hands and tasted good as I nibbled a dry tea biscuit.  I'd have taken any excuse to delay the real reason I was there, surrounded by floral wallpaper and patterned doilies that adorned every piece of furniture. . .

"Why would anyone sign up for this?" I almost wondered aloud. I eventually pulled out my caveman-era laptop and presented, thankful I didn't pass out right on the spot.

As I came to the end, I made the ask, then shut my mouth, as I had been trained. What I didn't know was that the road to this moment had been carefully paved ahead for me. 

My hosts smiled, reviewed some desk papers, and quietly discussed my request, which seemed immense to me: $17,000.

The next few minutes felt like hours.

My pasted smile faded. I fidgeted with my hotel key, then I was handed a check for $17,000.

I almost drove into the ditch as I left their driveway, elated and shocked. My life's trajectory changed that day, forever.

Today, I am an elite fundraiser. I'd like to share how you can be as well...

- Christian LeFer, CEO InstantNonprofit

Introducing Fundraising Foundations

Foundations is the self-paced A-to-Z Training & Coaching System to create and execute a robust fundraising program to produce a conveyor belt of donors - who not only give the first time, but connect more deeply with each subsequent gift, so your bank account can grow to match the size of your vision.

You have already invested time, treasure and talent in your organization - but many hard-working, knowledgeable, caring nonprofit founders quickly learn that passion alone does not carry any worthwhile effort. Resources must be brought to bear.

Foundations: Three Experiential Teaching Modalities

At InstantNonprofit, we have found that there are three elements to a lasting, transformative learning experience. In the age of video calls and online learning, it's more important than ever not to have a "one- or two-legged stool" - humans learn best with support from three legs of experiential learning, which are:

1. Content

Foundations includes over a dozen hours of video training proven to accelerate your fundraising effectiveness,. Includes 3 hours of interviews with fundraising specialists in: annual giving, events, and development operations

Each module is carefully segmented into bite-size pieces so you can log in and make progress in baby steps or big leaps.

You'll also be guided through nine (9) units of personal reflection & skill-development assignments designed to deepen your learning experience. Includes eighteen (18) downloadable resources including: proposal templates, grant calendar templates, samples, recommendations, and major gift portfolio templates

2. Coaching

You’ll work live in a weekly video room with our top coaches and guest subject matter experts, answering your questions and letting you share your experience and insights.

This is where we will talk about the lessons, and get feedback about your celebrations and your frustrations, and mainly address one thing: Where are you going, and how do you move there as quickly as possible, to reach your funding objectives?


Your private messaging and sharing group is a peer-learning moderated environment where you will share your progress and get feedback and encouragement, and contribute as you are able.

This is also a place you can spontaneously bring insights and ask for situational guidance that can be addressed in real time, or answered more in-depth on your weekly coaching call.

About Dan Reed

With a desire to actively unite people with stories beyond themselves, Dan has served as a professional fundraiser for over 15 years. For causes ranging from public education to the advancement of free enterprise to animal health, he’s helped organizations raise over $50 million dollars in private philanthropy.

In 2015, he launched Seed Fundraisers to re-orient, train, and coach fundraisers to achieve organizational results, greater occupational satisfaction, and ultimately, lasting cultural impact.

Dan’s passion for philanthropy has guided his conviction for the occupation of fundraisers and the belief that fundraisers serve the world as intentional catalysts of generosity. 

After calling Denver home for the last 15 years, Dan and his family have returned to his hometown in Pittsburgh. He loves poetry, spirited discussions, the crafts of Kentucky, hockey, cocktails, and big dogs.

Happy customers

Amanda Hockmuth

Denver Street School

Incredible depth! 

Incredible and thought-provoking! I am amazed by the depth of insight and call to action this provided. Thank you! I am a better version of myself after just Module 1!

Joe Arioto

MetaGrowth Ventures

Donor relationships...

Awesome information, well laid out and easy to understand. My favorite elements are the tools and frameworks to build donor relationships.

Garth Warren

EV Free Church

Quality deliverables

I'm jumping out of my socks in appreciation of the quality and quantity of your deliverables in this course!

Seed Foundations is quality all the way around.

Course Modules

Your Journey to Elite Fundraiser


Module 1: The Story of the Fundraiser

From the History of Philanthropy to the state of fundraising today, we'll explore the vocation of getting donors behind a cause. You'll connect with the reason you're here, why it is exciting, and face into the natural fears that can come up in this process. Hint: The Light is in the Dark, and when you are able to attach the "Why and the What If" with the "What and How", nothing can stop you or your organization and its unique mission!


Module 2: Foundational Work

Explain exactly what this module will teach them, and use names of individual lessons if you can. You might want to include the number of lessons, the length of each lesson, or any other information. But make sure you focus on the benefits that the customer would get just by taking this module on it’s own 


Module 3: Common Language

In this unit, we will become comfortable with key terms used in nonprofit fundraising, and cover an overview of fundraising strategies, including: Grants, Events, Corporate Sponsorships, Annual Giving, and Major Giving. You will be able to not only define these, but begin to assemble them conceptually into a fundraising framework that works for YOUR particular organization.


Module 4: Annual Giving Essentials

Grab your wetsuit, it's time for a deep dive! Together we will build an annual giving plan, consisting of: Development of your lead generation/acquisition strategy, setting up the 2nd and subsequent gifts on the way to the first gift, the importance of core donors, and how to write an appeal that stands out among the competition. 


Module 5: Major Giving Essentials

Major gifts is the term for individual donors giving in the 4-figure to 6-figure range (and beyond). It's easier than you may think! We'll delve into Major Giving Strategy, Donor Prospecting, and a our proven system of cultivating the donor relationship with the ideal amount of time and care, to produce the largest gift possible - and get a "thank you" FROM your new friend, the major donor!


Module 6: Portfolio Planning

You've planned and prepared . . . and this is where the "rubber meets the road." In Module 6, we'll get into the nuts and bolts of getting the donor meeting, the place and setting for cultivation, how to manage a meaningful donor visit, making "the ask", and how to be prepared for a conversation about legacy with your donor through the fundamentals of "planned giving". 


Module 7: Rhythms & Habits

By now, you may have made that first ask, and even received a check in the amount of $5,000, $10,000 or even $150,000. However, one of the primary enemies of nonprofit fundraisers - especially if you also wear the hat of Founder - is burnout. Rhythms and Habits will highlight principles and practices of self-care, long-term professional development, donor engagement, planning and perspective, and answer the ultimate question: What are the attributes of elite fundraisers?


Module 8: Wrap-Up...and CONGRATULATIONS!

Congratulations! You are among the top 0.5% of nonprofit founders and fundraisers, in terms of knowledge, capability and readiness to bring in $100,000, $1M or even $5M-$10 each and every year for your organization. And now that you are equipped with a full understanding of the craft - you "know how to fish" as the saying goes - you can leverage Foundations course to "teach others to fish for you". 

By now your organization is getting traction and attracting staff and volunteers interested in advancing your mission. Why not turn that enthusiastic believer out into the world as your first dedicated fundraiser? The sky is truly the limit.

Now is the Best Time for Small Nonprofits to RAISE

What do massive changes brought on by technology in the hands of the social-preneur, a global pandemic highlighting community needs, and shifts in attitudes toward giving mean?

Unprecedented opportunity for the activation of generosity by committed change agents like you.


Americans giving at an all-time high


Foundation giving is growing


Mobile Giving Single-Year Increase


Sign up for Foundations in 2021

The size of our class, or cohort, is limited to around 15 per live coaching session, so we can provide the highest level of instruction and feedback to you. 

If you apply early and sign up for Foundations during the January cohort, you will be invited to qualify for one of 8 Case Study Profiles, and pitch to large donors later in 2021.

Those who complete the course and qualify will undergo extra training and prep for a  professional interview, and have the opportunity to be featured in a sponsored promotion across social channels.

Course Bonus #1: Founder Fundraiser MasterClass

This MasterClass is the full-blown, curated version of the 5-Day Founder Fundraiser Challenge - enhanced with Slides Decks for every Live teaching lsson, all the resources and downloads, and the Weekend Bonuses and Hot Seats!

Bonus 1

How to ask for - and get - a winning endorsement or testimonial for your nonprofit's amazing work.

Bonus 2

Our exclusive training on How to Run a Board Meeting in 30 Minutes or Less - rather than the average of 3+ hours!

Bonus 3

The "Ins and Outs" of hiring and running payroll through your nonprofit - whether hiring yourself or staff!

Here’s What You’ll Get with Seed Foundations

Become an elite fundraiser as you avail yourself of the $2.5 Trillion raised and spent by nonprofits annually. This is the place to start, so you can:

  • Speak to donors about your organization with clarity and inspiration
  • Use segmentation, messaging, and mediums in annual giving strategies
  • Balance the science and art of major gift fundraising
  • Compose strategic grant applications so that the return on investment is greater than the effort required to acquire and manage the award.
  • Create transformative events, whether online or live and in-person
  • Build habits that elevate you as an elite fundraiser

Note: Due to the fact that this course comes with live weekly coaching, we will limit the size of each class or "cohort". If you're interested in signing up but have questions, don't wait - click here to book a call and get them answered so you can reserve your seat! 

Raise money TODAY, become elite tomorrow.

When you enroll in Foundations, you're securing a brighter future for those who will benefit from your nonprofit mission. While there are hundreds of billions raised by people just like you every single year, those checks won't write themselves. Equip yourself with the strategies, tactics, tools you need, TODAY.

The combined value is more than $3895 - don't miss out. Reserve your seat today!

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money back
100% MONEY-BACK Guarantee

Our Guarantee: If you purchase this course, complete the work, and execute your unique fundraising plan, and do not in 2021 raise at least FIVE TIMES what the course cost you, send back proof of completion and we'll issue a full refund. We've never seen this program fail!

Ready to join and checked out our FAQ below, but still have a question? Book a call.

Endorsements for Dan Reed & Seed Fundraisers

Dan has over 500 LinkedIn connections, along with many other endorsements from highly successful nonprofit executives and development officers. Feel free to connect with him!

Heather Clay

Certified Fundraising

Executive, Leadership


Endorsed Dan for Fundraising,. Nonprofits & Leadership

Chad Mayer

Exec Director

Sharefest Comm

Endorsed Dan for Fundraising, Nonprofits & Strategic Planning

Joe Arioto

CEO, MetaGrowth


Endorsed Dan for Nonprofits, Strategic Planning, Nonprofits and Philanthropy


Once I join, when can I access the course materials?

Once you join, you will have immediate access to the course materials. As the cohort, which is another word for class of specific size, fills up, or the date is reached to start the cohort (which is generally at the end of every month), the coaching will begin. So, put simply, the course is available right away, while the coaching begins with the kickoff of a cohort, toward the end of each month (unless it fills up faster, in which case we will close enrollment for that cohort and begin coaching.

How does the live coaching work?

The Live Coaching element of Foundations is conducted in small groups by Zoom video call. If a participant cannot make it to any given Zoom coaching session they can access the replay, which will be provided to all the members f the program. Particpants can use a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop to access the coaching sessions; however it is best to use a large screen, in case documents and visuals with fine detail or text are used to drive home the training.

How can I know this program can work for my particular nonprofit?

While all nonprofits are unique, they all fall into a set of established niches for which tried-and-true methods of fundraising have been proven over one hundred or more years. The reason the principles and practices upon which Foundations relies are successful is the same reason that sound sales process continues to work, regardless of media changes (internet versus direct mail, for example): Humans have an operating system that operates along a set of predictable emotions, responses, and behaviors. Professionals in both fundraising and sales know that empathy, care and understanding are key to success, as are timing, message, and helping your prospect know what steps to take to satisfy their own desires in life.

Will Foundations teach me exactly where to find donors?

During the course, Dan and the Foundations coaches will introduce you to databases and methods to find the donors who have a history for giving in your particular niche. We will also introduce you to the tools and processes to determine the giving capacity of anyone you may encounter, or perhaps whom you already know, so that when you secure a meeting, presentation, or other solicitation opportunity, you will have a great degree of certainty as to the amount you might obtain from a successful request.

Raise money TODAY, become elite tomorrow. 

When you enroll in Foundations, you're securing a brighter future for those who will benefit from your nonprofit mission. While there are hundreds of billions raised by people just like you every year, those checks won't write themselves. Equip yourself with the strategies, tactics, & tools you need, TODAY.

A Personal Note

The #1 biggest reason I'm so excited to bring Foundations Training and Coaching system to you is because I have personally raised millions using these proven principles and practices - and I want YOU and YOUR mission to succeed!

I know that since this course was conceived, Dan and his team have poured heart and soul into improving it - while leveraging the experience of helping organizations raise hundreds of millions of dollars to advance causes that are vitally important to our brothers and sisters in need worldwide, as well as right in our back yard.

You literally could not be in more skilled, more caring hands.

- Christian LeFer | Founder & CEO | InstantNonprofit