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(Takes 10-20 minutes in most cases)

3. Relax! We do the rest.

You'll receive updates, approved documents & IRS 501(c)3 letter!

(We're known for fast approvals)

Most customers complete all their work in under 20 minutes!

The IRS website is like a kick in the throat. I needed a solution for the huge paperwork problem.

InstantNonprofit does the heavy lifting, so you can focus on your purpose. It's the best investment I made for my nonprofit, hands down.

Sarah Downey Robinson
Founder, Rise Up Yoga

What’s Included In Your 501(c)3 Launch Package?

(Hint: Everything you need!)

1. Comprehensive State & Federal Filings

Includes Articles, EIN, Bylaws, policies, schedules, & addenda

 Nonprofit Articles of Incorporation in your State

EIN - Employer Identification Number

IRS Tax-Exempt Application (Form 1023)

Customized Bylaws and Required Policies

All required Schedules and Addenda

 Priority processing of every file

2. Founder's Playbook: Required Board, Banking & Fundraising Training & Templates

Because "Comprehensive 501(c)3 Corporate Governance &

Management Guides " sounds SO boring...

Here are some of our customers' favorite blueprints:

  Legally fundraise BEFORE getting IRS approval

  Step-by-step Board of Directors management training

  Open a bank account and accept donations

  How to set your compliance filings on Auto-Pilot

  . . . And much more

3. One Online Portal to Manage it All

Easy, secure access to ALL of your resources!

  All of your Approved Nonprofit Documents

  Founder’s Playbook Video Training

  Nonprofit Bootcamp (Enhanced videos & worksheets)

  How to Run a Board Meeting in 30 Minutes (Video Training)

  Comprehensive (and growing) FAQ & Knowledge Base

  Worry-free navigation of annual maintenance & more!

Expert customer service. By real humans who care about your mission.

Your caring Specialist handles your nonprofit file A to Z.

You'll receive consistent, clear communication from your Nonprofit Specialist team who will guide your file all the way through our proven process until your 501(c)3 Tax-Exempt status gets approved.

Don't take our word for it, see what our customers have to say!

IRS Approved

The Only 200% IRS Approval Guarantee

Receive your IRS Approval, or double your money back. End of story.

We believe it shouldn’t be hard to do good - and that nobody should feel self-doubt and confusion when starting a nonprofit organization. That's who we are, and why we started.

Don’t let your calling your mission fail, simply because of government red tape and misleading information on the internet. 

We deliver as promised, and pay careful attention to every detail - so you can focus on your mission. If something does come up, we have your back with our 5-Point Quality Guarantee. You can trust us to get the job done right the first time.

This is why founders give us A+ BBB Ratings, 5-Stars on Facebook, and awesome reviews!

Rest Assured With Our 5-Point Quality Guarantee Included With All Plans...

IRS Approval Assurance: We take you from Idea to IRS 501(c)3, guaranteed. Don't be fooled by piecemeal offers with hidden "up-sells" & add-ons that don't include IRS Tax-Exempt Status.

No "Brain Damage": Easy-to-use technology, no confusing paperwork. Your caring Specialist handles your file A to Z.

Done-For-You: Check out, create your profile, & authorize work - and you're all done! We handle everything. Most customers can complete all this in under 20 minutes.

No Secrets: No hidden fees, no surprises! You 'll know what to expect, how it works, and we'll update you every step along the way.

Pay-It-Forward Policy: Your feedback helps us constantly improve, so we can pay-it-forward to our next Founder. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Once I start my 501(c)3 with Instant Nonprofit, how soon can I start raising money?

So glad you asked! Unlike the misleading information found all over the Internet, there's a little-known IRS policy that allows you to start fundraising much sooner than previously believed.

The IRS' official policy is to "back-date" your 501(c)3Tax-Exempt Status to the date when we file your Articles of Incorporation.

This means that your donors (both individual and corporate) can get a tax break by donating to you even BEFORE you receive your IRS Approval letter in the mail!

Every Nonprofit Launch Package comes with a document containing the exact IRS rule that makes this possible, so you can use it to raise money right away!

What if I already formed an LLC (or other entity), or obtained an EIN, prior to engaging InstantNonprofit?

Not a problem! While most of our customers come to us for a fresh start so we can do everything from A to Z, some have already taken a step forward, starting an LLC or other entity, intending to obtain Tax-Exempt Status.

We commend those efforts - it's much better to try something than to try nothing!

In every case, we will inspect your paperwork for accuracy and to make sure all required language is included.  We find that in about 66% of cases, customers who self-incorporate fail to add the required addenda - known as the Purpose and Dissolution Clause).

Your state may not require these provisions, but if they are missing, we will need to amend your articles the IRS will reject your application. We do this at no extra charge; but government filing fees apply.

Also any EIN that is or was assigned to another entity at any time is NOT able to be applied to your new nonprofit - a new one must be obtained.

The BEST thing to before starting with us is. . . NOTHING! It's easiest to start fresh with InstantNonprofit - because we do it all FOR you!

Can I be reimbursed, or receive a write-off against my personal income taxes, for my nonprofit startup costs?

GREAT QUESTION! So many founders put forth their OWN hard-earned money to start a nonprofit by paying for filing services, building a website, or myriad other products and services prior to starting - then wonder if there is any way to be credited for those expenses. 

The great news is that YES - you may choose to be reimbursed (your nonprofit can pay you back after it raises funds or receives a grant), or you can choose to write it off as a charitable donation on your personal or business income taxes.

Keep receipts for such expenditures, and it's wise to create a paper trail, such as an invoice or acknowledgement of the expense provided by the nonprofit to the source of funds.

How much does it cost to start my 501(c)3?

The IRS has created two paths to 501(c)3 tax-exempt status based on expected donations: 

  • Organizations confident that they will raise more than $100,000 in the current tax year, or any of the following two tax years (these qualify for our Enterprise Plan)
  • One for organizations with expected donations below $100,000/year (or do not have a clear path to exceed that amount (these qualify for our Express Plan)

About 82% of our customers qualify for for the Streamlined IRS Application for Tax Exempt Status, while the other 18% must use the Long-Form 1023 Process (see Enterprise and Evolved). 

If you are a small, local or limited-funds founder with a modest projected budget and scope of activities, choose the Express Launch Package. If you exceed your wildest fundraising dreams under this Package, don't worry! There is no penalty, and you do not have to re-file a thing! You will simply report your donations to the IRS  in the following year as normal.

However, if you have a projected budget larger than $100k in 2023, 2024 or 2025, you will choose between Enterprise and Evolved.

Enterprise certainly gets the job done and as you can see on this page, it includes far more than other offerings of providers who claim to be effective at creating 501(c)3 organizations.

But for those proven leaders who want to get out of the gate faster and more effectively to maximize their impact, by getting support not only for creating the organization and covering the required items - there is the premium Evolved Launch Package.

With Evolved, once we file your IRS application, we move on to coaching and training, and together we embark on the two other major pillars of your nonprofit's success:

1) We build your organization's Case For Support (by wrapping up Mission Vision, Values, Milestones and Strategy into a set of "North Star" guiding documents), and
2) We guide you through our Fundraising Masterclass, so you can have the Tools, the Strategy, and the Assets to go from zero to $1 Million or more in your first 12 months.

Learn more details, choose the right plan for you, and get started by clicking "Get Plans & Pricing" on this page.

Can my for-profit and nonprofit work together?

Yes. You can build a strategic partnership with your for-profit and nonprofit, however, your nonprofit will be set up as its own entity and must operate as a distinct entity - with separate decision-making processes and finances - from your for-profit.

How long does it take to start my 501(c)3?

While we do not claim to control the IRS (if we did we'd happily lower your taxes!), InstantNonprofit is known to slash between one-half and two-thirds off IRS approval times because of our "love letter to a bureaucrat" approach.

We don't just rely on the IRS online process - we also attach a back-up PDF file averaging 54 pages - containing concise, clear articulation of your organization's activities, so that the IRS agent who reviews your file feels relieved by the file's professional, organized layout, and hits the "APPROVED" button without issues or further questions.

There are two ways to look at how long it takes:

  1. Your investment of time and work
  2. Our submission time, as well as the state and federal government to process the paperwork once it is filed

In any case, we take a long and arduous process, incolving complex government forms and confusing bureaucratic language, and translate it into the kind of English that you and I would share over a cup of coffee.

Depending on the version of the IRS 1023 Application for Tax Exempt Status we prepare for you, our investment of time and work to get all of the paperwork done is as follows:

Your time investment if using the streamlined IRS Application:
Less than 1/2 hour, on average
Long-Form: About 90 minutes on average

Our staff's turnaround times:
On average, once we have the information we need from you, our staff double-checks for accuracy and any potential errors or conflicts, and submits within 48-72 hours.

State Incorporation:
Since the COVID pandemic, the wait time to receive recorded Articles of Incorporation have changed; here's the average times we experience currently:

Florida: 6-12 Weeks(yes, that is ridiculous)
AL, AZ, CT, DC, GA, IL, IA, MI, NE, NY, ND, PA, SD: 2-4 weeks
All other states: 2-3 days to 2 weeks 

IRS Processing times:
Meanwhile, IRS delays can vary widely, and with our proven Rapid Approval process, times are as follows:

Streamlined: 6-10 weeks on average
Long-Form: 8-20 weeks, on average

Ready to make YOUR difference and finally launch your Nonprofit?