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All great movements in history started with a bit of moral outrage.

Our battle cry is, "It shouldn't be hard to do good!"

We take care of the paperwork and process, so you can focus on your mission.

We started with a simple idea - that paperwork and confusion shouldn’t stop you from making the world a better place.

When we began in 2013, starting a nonprofit organization and getting 501(c)3 Tax-Exempt Status had become too complicated, expensive, and time consuming. Many nonprofit founders were forced to give up before their dream saw the light of day. We have changed that forever!

Like you, we’re taking a stand to make the world a better place - that’s why our mission is to care about YOUR mission! Our technology is simple to use, and we focus on the human touch. We understand what it takes because our team has been right where you are now. So come on - take one small step for a human (you) giant leap for humankind!


Our Founder's Story

A decade ago, I volunteered to start a nonprofit with a group of friends. “How hard can it be?” I asked. After submitting the application, I became morally outraged at the brain numbing process, and the 12-months-plus approval timeline.

I called the number of our faraway IRS agent - but after waiting days for a response only to miss the returned call, I decided to dial nearly 50 similar phone extensions (changing the last few numbers) in the IRS Exempt Organizations department, asking dozens of questions to learn how to get a fast approval. 

I documented the process I had developed, formulated what we still call “a love letter to a bureaucrat” - the perfect 501(c)3 Application, and immediately produced consistent 30-to-60 day IRS approvals. Requests for help started coming in, and I went from “blogger” to “businessman”. 

Today, with an efficient tech-enabled process, 100% IRS approval guarantee, and a staff committed to our credo that “It shouldn’t be hard to do good”, we’re the # 1 most highly rated 501(c)3 service in the niche.

When I'm not at the office, I speak and write on nonprofits and social enterprise based on my track record of starting nearly 3,000 nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations, in addition to a decade of fundraising and copywriting for myriad causes. 

My Big Bet: The social enterprise founder is the superhero of this new era. As classic “norms” and institutions fall away, personal values have emerged as the basis for identity. Welcome to the convergence of cause and commerce. #LetsBuildThis

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Your Instant Nonprofit Team

Our success begins and ends with our employees.

Christian LeFer, CEO

“By waking up to help people make their ‘dent in the universe’, I'm truly living a dream. Even on grind days!”

Christian’s passions are his three kids, riding dirt bikes in the mountains (and pretty much “anything loud that rolls, flies, or floats”), dancing at EDM shows, Hot Yoga, cooking & entertaining. Oh, and writing copy!

Fun Fact: Christian went from skipping 1st Grade, to D’s in high school, to earning Cum Laude at Rutgers University.

Jacquelyn Long, COO

"Habits = Happiness."

As a hybrid COO and marketing maven, Jacqui is responsible for customer experience, technology and automations, and team development.

Her passions for human optimization, minimalism, elevated consciousness and personal integrity coalesce into an ethos that serves everyone.

Fun Fact: When Jacqui isn't at work, she can be found walking in nature, petting any dog in sight, or strapped to her snowboard, shredding the deepest powder she can find!

Havok, Chief of Barketing


As the Chief of Barketing, Havok ensures that our campaigns go off without a hitch. If there are any issues, please don't be mad at him - he's just a lil baby. 

Fun Fact: Havok is working hard to produce quality content.

Nathaniel “Nikko” Pasking

"If you have an idea that you know is going to change lives in a positive way...just go ahead and do it!”

As a Graphic Artist and Tech Support, Nikko is passionate about his family, health, visual arts and traveling.

He cares about the opportunity to help people make a positive impact around them, and appreciates the professional and personal development that brings along.

Fun Fact: Nikko was the vocalist of an emo band in high school!


Angela, Administrative Assistant

Angela is an integral part of the Instantnonprofit team, serving with dedication as an Administrative Assistant.

With a rich background in administrative roles and a dynamic skill set, Angela has seamlessly adapted to the diverse needs of our organization.

Her responsibilities encompass a broad spectrum of support services, including managing email correspondences, providing calendar support, offering technical assistance, and much more, ensuring the smooth operation of our day-to-day activities.


Sergio Chavez

A digital marketer for 14 years. Sergio has been creating value in over 40 different industries.

The latest iteration of his career has been running media in all the major channels, Google, YT, Facebook, IG, Linkedin, and TikTok.

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After 5 years and more than 10 million dollars in media spend Sergio is a seasoned media buyer ready to take on any challenge in the industry.

Favorite quote: We see in others what we hold dear in our hearts.

Fun Fact: Sergio likes to hang upside down like a bat once in a while


Sayan Mukherjee, Webmaster. Sayan loves to assist people in growing their businesses.

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Favorite quote: “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” —Frederick Douglass

Advisory Board

Jason Collins- Advisory Board - Instant Nonprofit
Jason Collins
Husband, dad, geek, innovator, problem-solver - and whiskey aficionado - Jason Collins, known as "JC" around the Denver tech community, is heavily involved in building, mentoring, and coaching startup founders, CEO's and engineering teams. JC evangelizes innovation as a way of thinking and culture as a strategy. Jason is Chief Engineer at "startup" iTriage (acquired by Aetna).
Shannon Stone, MBA
Shannon is Senior Relationship Manager at AMG National Trust Bank where she advises businesses how to streamline operations utilize technology to optimize returns. She loves staying active in the Denver business community, including RVC Board & Corporate Tee Box, and is a recovering perfectionist who is passionate about life, love and laughter: all important considerations when raising two boys, ages 5 and 16, and a puppy.
Ed Powers- Advisory Board - Instant Nonprofit
Ed Powers
Ed Powers is a consultant specializing in customer retention and loyalty in the subscription economy. He’s a serial entrepreneur with experience in the nonprofit sector, having led the go-to-market plan for Getaway 2 Give Collection, a company combining luxury travel with charitable giving. When he’s not helping early stage companies grow, he participates in many organized bike rides benefiting Colorado charities.
Greg Katai- Advisory Board - Instant Nonprofit
Greg Katai
With 20 years experience spanning IBM, Silicon Graphics, & Agile Software - as well as several startups and as founder of a >$100M consultancy he later exited, Greg knows how to drive revenues in concert with broader company goals. A executive who's not afraid to roll up his sleeves, his strengths lie in sales, mobile & enterprise software, hardware, consulting, business management. He is happiest when attached to a bicycle.
John Daniel Dan Reed- Advisory Board
John Daniel "Dan" Reed
With 15 years of social enterprise fundraising & marketing experience, including as Chief Development Officer with Morris Animal Foundation - and as founder of Seed, a professional development firm raising the "best practices" bar for nonprofit fundraisers - Dan holds broad expertise in nonprofit management. He serves on the board of several Denver charities, and otherwise toggles between sloppy kisses from his adorable daughter and 114-pound "Newfie".

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