Congratulations on making the decision to create a bigger life and a brighter future by starting your nonprofit!

Now it’s time to choose which Launch package best suits your needs. The IRS has two application paths to 501(c)3 - so please select as follows:

Express Launch Package

If you expect to raise less than $50,000 per year in any of your first three years (or you’re just not sure how much you’ll raise!), then get started with our Express Package by completing the checkout below. This is the path that more than 80% of our customers take to set up their Tax-Exempt Nonprofit!

If you do raise more than $50k after filing under Express, that's OK! There is no penalty, and no need to do the work over again. The IRS uses a “scouts honor” system, so unless you have a direct path to more than $50,000 in income/revenues, the Express Launch Package has everything you need to succeed! 

However, if you believe you're very likely to exceed $50,000 per year in your initial 3 years...see below!

Enterprise Launch Package

Or, If you are starting a school or a church, or you are confident that your nonprofit will raise MORE than $50,000 per year (total income into your bank account in either the current OR the next two years), then you will require our Enterprise Launch Package. 

Complete the checkout below to get the Express Launch Package...