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Steps for Starting a Nonprofit Organization

5 Easy Steps for Starting a Nonprofit Organization

A few years ago I created a 5 part series of videos that walked you through easy steps for starting a nonprofit organization. Since then, we’ve been working hard at Instant Nonprofit to continually make it easier with our done-for-you 501(c)3 Formation service. 

After all, you’re an expert when it comes to your core mission, but most likely you’re not an expert when it comes to federal taxes, governmental red tape and potential bumps in the road that often arise when avoidable mistakes are made while starting a nonprofit organization. Too many people do not get started at all because they’re intimidated by the entire prospect of getting an organization off the ground. We hope that with our help, you can push past that hesitation.

With Instant Nonprofit getting your 501c3 tax exempt status is easy. The process of starting your nonprofit organization includes incorporation and EIN and absolutely everything else you need in one package. Best of all, we cut the average IRS approval time by 50-75%.

That means that you’ll be up and running within weeks instead of months, and as we know the sooner you attack your mission, the sooner you’ll start making headway. Starting a nonprofit organization in the first place should not be your biggest obstacle to success. We’ll help you make sure that it isn’t.

Below is a brief overview of just how easy the steps are for starting a nonprofit organization with us but we encourage you to check out our detailed “Packages” page to get a deeper perspective. We’re sure that after you read the information and watch the video, you’ll be more excited than ever to get things moving. Starting a nonprofit organization has never been easier or more efficient, as we do this for our clients every day. We understand what it takes to get things moving, we serve as your advocates and consultants throughout the process and we provide you with the peace of mind that you can focus on what you want to get done with your organization in the first place.

Step 1. Complete your application online

Once you get started with Instant Nonprofit, we’ll incorporate your nonprofit and obtain your EIN (as needed) and complete your IRS Application for Tax-Exempt Status. You won’t have to deal with clunky government forms, and we’ll only ask you for information relevant to your organization. All information is secure and confidential, and you won’t have to go digging into unfamiliar places to find the information you need. That’s one of the problems with starting a nonprofit organization: The information that people need to get moving is often readily available, but too many folks are simply unaware of what information is required. We help you with that right from the start.

We also provide a corporate governance & board management package, basic training, and one-stop account portal You won’t have to do a bunch of research, dig out a bunch of old documentation or do anything that isn’t entirely logical to start a nonprofit organization. This is supposed to be simple, and we help make it that way.

Step 2. Get one-to-one support over the phone

After you complete your Organization Profile (usually 15 minutes or less!), your personal Nonprofit Specialist guides you through the rest of the process of starting a nonprofit organization by email or phone. Our 501(c)3 expert will carefully draft the IRS Form 1023 package for a speedy approval. That’s really all you need to do other than continuing to make your build your organization. The government red tape is being handled, so you can focus on what’s important. Should you need fundraising training or annual maintenance, we can help with that as well! That’s right: we stay with you even after the process of starting a nonprofit organization is complete, as the true definition of getting it started extends beyond the initial steps taken with the government.

Step 3. We handle the rest

Our mission is to serve as your advocate throughout the approval process to make sure that you successfully start a nonprofit organization that’s going to help society. Most of our files get what is called a “merit close” - meaning the IRS simply mails your “Letter of Determination” a.k.a your approval letter. However, occasionally the IRS may come back with a “Request for Information” - and this is where our 100% Approval Guarantee comes in!

Specifically, that means that we’ll handle any questions posed by the IRS and provide requested documentation - without opening up any more issues. You will receive your IRS approval letter in the mail. Meanwhile, you can access useful guidance, tools, and training. You won’t have to deal directly with the IRS, which is yet another way that we provide our clients with the peace of mind they need to take the next steps.

Start here and get nonprofit status the quickest way on the web.

If you’re no quite ready, or not sure 😉 check out our comprehensive set of training videos on our YouTube channel. We believe in providing you with as much information as necessary to reassure you that starting a nonprofit organization can be done, quickly, efficiently and properly. 

You can also contact us for a strategy session. We’d love to help you get started on your mission!

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