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On the air now with the Tycoons of Business at Phoenix Business RadioX

Tycoons of Small Biz spotlights the true backbone of the American economy, the true tycoons of business in America… the owners, founders, and CEOs of small businesses. Join hosts,  Austin L Peterson, Landon Mance, and the featured tycoons LIVE every Tuesday at 1 pm, right here on Business RadioX and your favorite podcast platform.

Listen to the episode where our founder and CEO Christian LeFer joined TYCOONS OF SMALL BIZ with radio hosts, Austin L Peterson and Landon Mance with Backbone Planning Partners.

Did you know that there are more than 15 different types of organizations? 

You may want to grab a pen and paper to jot down some interesting facts about the nonprofit world! 

Tune into Apple Podcast to listen to the full episode or click below to go to Spotify


About the Host: Austin Peterson is a Comprehensive Financial Planner and co-founder of Backbone Planning Partners in Scottsdale, AZ. Austin is a registered rep and investment advisor representative with Lincoln Financial Advisors. Prior to joining Lincoln Financial Advisors, Austin worked in a variety of roles in the financial services industry.

For the full episode go to: 


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