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Three Things to Maximize Our Call

Come prepared with a clear vision and your nonprofit goals for the next 6-12 months.

What do you see as your biggest obstacle holding you back from reaching your 6-12 month goals?

What needs to change for you to blow past your current obstacles and reach your goals in 6-12 months?

Please review the information below as it answers most frequently asked questions. This way we can focus on your vision during our call.

What's Included in Each 501(c)3 Package: 

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Nonprofit Entity Formation (Incorporation, Bylaws, EIN)

Form 1023 Tax-Exempt Application with all required policies

Corporate Governance Documents (with templates and tools)

Personalized Service by our Team of Nonprofit experts

Ongoing Support and Training, Nonprofit Maintenance

Learn more about which package below is 

best for your organization

There are two paths to IRS 501(c)3 Tax-Exempt Status:

  • Choose "Express" if you are like most new nonprofits, starting with moderate revenues of LESS than $50,000 per calendar year in your early startup phase.
  • Choose "Enterprise" , "Evolved", or "Elite" if you are confident you will raise MORE than $50,000 per year, or if you are starting a school, church, or hospital.

Chances are, if you have paid staff, rent a space, or a significant funding source you’ll break above $50,000, but most organizations remain below it in the first three years.

Many customers ask, “What if we raise more or less than $50,000?”

Don’t worry! The IRS relies on a "scouts' honor" system here - there is no penalty for actual revenues or expenses being different than what you estimate. You will simply report the amount raised to the IRS in May of the following year.


Most popular; for organizations projecting income less than $50k in any of years 1-3.



or $247 x 3

  • 30 Min. Average Client Work
  • 1023 EZ; 6-Week IRS Approval
  • 82% choose Express Package
  •  State Articles Fee varies*
  • IRS Filing Fee add'l $283*

... includes all Enterprise package elements, plus 5 hrs. consulting and 2 years State & Federal Compliance filings



single payment

  • For well-established projects
  • Fundraising Training & Coaching
  • Managed Corporate Governance
  • Payroll Software (add'l as needed)
  • 2 Years' Compliance Filings

*Government Filing Fees Not Included and subject to change without notice. Incorporation Filing Fees vary by state & are paid upon checkout. IRS fees may be paid at time of purchase, or later prior to submission.  

**Our Enterprise 501(c)3 process saves an average 6 months from "normal" IRS average approval time, so you can confidently fundraise months sooner, keep your supporters engaged, and focus on your mission! Note: Churches and Schools must purchase Enterprise Package.

100% IRS Approval Guaranteed

IRS Approved

We deliver results, not promises. We  confidently offer this guarantee, because we carefully vet every element of your IRS Application for Tax-Exempt Status, assuring it meets our strict standards.