Customer Service & Support Policy 

Thank you for visiting our customer service policy page. We're committed to constant improvement; so we invite you to provide feedback using the form at the bottom of the page.


From each member of our team, we'd like to express immense gratitude and respect! We understand that starting and maintaining a nonprofit is a serious endeavor, and we have always believed “It shouldn’t Be Hard to Do Good.” We thank YOU for our success.

We have always done our best to provide support and respond to questions, once a nonprofit founder joins our family. Now with a community of thousands of customers over several years, legacy support costs are becoming unsustainable - therefore, please refer to our most recent Customer Service Support policy revisions, which are necessary to continue to serve our mission:

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Three Elements of Our Business

Outreach & Educate


We create valuable content, templates, tools and our Nonprofit Bootcamp to help you with all you need before starting a 501(c)3.

Onboard & Launch


We form and file your nonprofit. This update clarifies the support and value (Customer Portal, Training & Assets) included.

Post-Launch Support


This policy update also concerns the period after we have delivered as promised: Maintaining and growing your nonprofit.

Customer Support Policy


GENERAL SUPPORT ISSUES: General support is limited to issues directly related to your nonprofit filings, and may not include topics outside your nonprofit filings and/or services we have provided (including general business issues).

PLEASE REFER TO OUR INCLUDED SUPPORT TIMEFRAME: Our Customer Document and Inquiry Support Window is provided from the time a customer signs up for our services, and continues until 60 days following submission of your 1023 Application for IRS Tax-Exempt Status. This is also known as the “Live File” Support Window. Since our “IRS Approval Guarantee” remains in effect, in the event the IRS should request additional information, we will continue our Done-For-You Customer Service file support until the IRS accepts the filing.

But as we mention in our Support emails, once we “deliver the goods” and deliver your file to the IRS, it is in YOUR hands. We are not the “taxpayer” in the eyes of the IRS and cannot call on your behalf.

While we DO guarantee that you will get IRS approved, but it is the responsibility of the organization’s Responsible Party (probably you, if you’re reading this!) to monitor the IRS website and the “snail mail” address you provided for the IRS approval - and to call the IRS if you do not receive your IRS 501(c)3 Determination Letter in a reasonable time (10-26 weeks).

STANDARD/INCLUDED TIME WINDOW: Customer Portal and Document access are limited to 90 days following submission of your 1023 Application for IRS Tax-Exempt Status, and documents must be accessed via the Customer Portal. 

PHONE SUPPORT: For current and recent customers, phone support is now limited to the “Live File” support window - files that are currently “in-flight” AND are either (1) falling outside our standard processing time windows, or (2) are too complex to serve by email or chat. All Live File Support calls must be scheduled; no “live”calls will be answered.

Please note: This Phone Support policy does not impact Enterprise Launch package calls, which are included to iron out the narrative and Budget sections of the IRS 1023 Application), or other packages which include 1-to-1 coaching or consulting call time.

For general requests and questions, all customers must provide a reasonable amount of clarity and detail so we may serve you at our best possible level. 

Phone requests inside the support window must be pre-scheduled., but due to limited phone coverage, email or text requests are preferred. Email for FAST response, or text us at 720-740-1360 for the FASTEST service available!

WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND OUR AUTO-PILOT ANNUAL FILINGS, TRAINING & SUPPORT PACKAGE: Many customers seeking continued support are going with Auto-Pilot, which has TONS of value - State and Federal annual filings, portal access, training and coaching program for only about $150 more per year (two months free) or $37 per month with a 1-year commitment - lots of info here: 

NOTE: If you are interested in Document Access Only outside the standard “Live File” support window, please see below.

PROFESSIONAL 1-ON-1 SUPPORT SERVICES: At any time, you may access Professional Office Hours Phone support, during which we can cover any topic and will provide resources and templates etc., for $197/hour, available here:

Please inquire if you are interested in packages that include larger blocks of time.



Customer Portal and Document access are limited to 90 days following submission of your 1023 Application for IRS Tax-Exempt Status, and documents must be accessed via the Customer Portal. 

DOCUMENTS ARE AVAILABLE ONLY VIA PORTAL: Due to an overwhelming number of requests as we have grown to thousands of nonprofits served, documents will not be emailed to Customers, but will instead only be available via our Customer Portal - and only within the Live File Support Winndow. Should you have any issues accessing your Portal within your Live File Support Window, please complete this form: 

EXTENDED PORTAL ACCESS: Customer Portal access now is limited to 60 days following submission of your IRS Tax-Exempt Status filing, and all documents & training videos and other assets must be accessed via the Customer Portal. Following that 60-day window, Portal and archived documents access is $57 per quarter, paid quarterly please check out here: 


We have always done our best to provide support without limitation, and are still interested in expanding our ability to serve. Soon, we will have a chat function on our website that will allow any question to be submitted - and we will provide answers via the same platform.This will allow us to continue to serve you, give you access to the wonderful resources available 24/7/365 on our site, and to learn what products and services to focus on in the future - all without threatening the integrity of our mission, sustainability for our staff, or financial viability of our company.

Feedback on this or any policy is welcome - please email!