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(VIDEO) 501(c)3 in 8 Weeks Helps Save Kids in Columbia | Palacios Foundation | Deanna Brauer

We’re thrilled to share this interview with Deanna Brauer, Executive Director of the Palacios Foundation, a nonprofit serving disadvantaged children in Columbia.

Deanna is the leader of a multi-generational legacy, as the Palacios Foundation originated from the work of Cilia Guiomor Mosquera De Palacios and her family in Choco, Columbia.

Cilia Guiomor Mosquera De Palacios empowered the communities of Columbia with orphanages, schools, and other community resources and this work has continued to develop over the ages.

These original services have transformed into powerhouse programs helping children in Columbia break through the poverty cycle and create a bright future though academics, sports training, life skills, loving families, and the resources to live.

Like all nonprofit leaders, Deanna knew that obtaining her 501(c)3 tax-exempt status was crucial to be able to fund her nonprofit and driver her mission forward, however, she soon learned that the path to getting there can be difficult and expensive….until you find the right resources.

In this episode of Changemakers on Yippiekiyay.TV you’ll learn:

  • How getting a 501(c)3 in only 8 weeks led to a successful fundraiser
  • The expense, complexity and frustration of  working with attorneys to get your 501(c)3 and what to do instead
  • Deanna’s advice on starting a nonprofit

And much more.

If you, or anyone else you know, is struggling with the complexity, frustration and expense of attorneys (with no guarantees) to get your 501(c)3 nonprofit….and you’re about to pull your hair out….or even give up (we’ve heard this before)…then this episode is a must watch and a must share.

Don’t forget to go to the Palacios Foundation website, and Facebook page, to show some love, and share it with others who’d be interesting in supporting this great cause.

Thank you for your time and attention. We’re grateful that you’re here and appreciate you learning, watching, sharing and doing.

Until next time….

Cheers to your mission,

Jacqui Long | Yippiekiyay

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