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[PODCAST] Marc My Words with Christian Lefer Founder of InstantNonprofit

After studying history and politics in college, Christian Lefer determined that he wanted to do work that was bigger than himself. After developing a process that helped him in his own path, Christian decided to start a business where he commits his life to helping others to start a non profit and help them to accomplish their own dreams of helping others.

He shares the following points in the interview:

For the full podcast, you can tune in to Apple Podcast or to audible.

Resources Mentioned:

Christian and the Instant Nonprofit team has a discount for Financial 1st Aid listeners, which is shared in the episode. How cool is that!?

Free Boot Camp / Strategy Session: instantnonprofit.com/marcmywords for the discount.

About Marc My Word Podcasts

Marc My Words is a podcast about learning and self reflection while pushing ourselves to make the most of our time and lives. Entrepreneurs from around the world talk to Marc Schmidt about their career transitions, life journey, and how they maintain a successful business. Marc and his guests have fun and informational chats about discovering your passion as well as all of the different and sometimes unlikely ways entrepreneurs wind up trading the 9 to 5 life to be their own boss.

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