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[PODCAST] The Tony Steuer Podcast: Philanthropy and Financial Wellness with Christian Lefer

In this episode of The Tony Steuer Podcast, Tony and Christian LeFer, founder of Instant Nonprofit, talk about the importance of philanthropy to financial wellness.

In this episode they discussed:

– How philanthropy changes the way we think about money
– Focusing on your mission
– Staying true to your heart

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Resources Mentioned:

Christian and the Instant Nonprofit team are here to help you build better future for all, starting today. Click this link to get started: https://instantnonprofit.com/tonysteuer

The Tony Steuer Podcast

The Tony Steuer Podcast features conversations with financial literacy advocates who are changing the conversation on money, as well as catching up on the latest trends and ideas in the world of financial literacy and education.

If you’d like to listen more of Tony’s interviews and amazing content – you can do so at https://tonysteuer.com/the-tony-steuer-podcast/

About the Host: Tony Steuer, CLU, LA, CPFFE

Founder of tonysteuer.com, Tony Steuer is dedicated to helping people be financially prepared.

 His goal is to empower people to make smart money choices by providing them with the knowledge, and resources so they can put financial literacy into action.  He is on a mission to help change the money conversation.

Tony is also the Chief Content and Financial Education Officer at Paperwork.

Tony’s Story

Back in 1987, Tony started his career as a life insurance agent. In 1995, he became a life and disability insurance analyst (one of less than 40 in the State of California). As a life and disability insurance analyst, he was able to charge a fee for doing insurance consulting. Until the end of 2019, he had the privilege of consulting for the clients of many financial planners and attorneys. 

It was common for life insurance, disability insurance and long term care policy owners to not fully understand their insurance policies. It was also common for financial planners and attorneys to also need assistance in reviewing these insurance policies.  Insurance policies can be extremely complex and can require detailed analysis to come up with recommendations on the most suitable options for maintaining or terminating the policies. 

He began to write articles and to be interviewed for industry and general business publications. In 2004, Tony created his first book, Questions and Answers on Life InsuranceQuestions and Answers on Life Insurance was the missing owner’s manual for life insurance policy holders. 

Questions and Answers on Life Insurance became an Amazon best-seller and was named by Forbes as one of Nine Great Investment Books Worth ReadingQuestions and Answers on Life Insurance is now used in many insurance & personal finance courses along with serving as a training manual by insurance agencies and companies. This led to him writing The Questions and Answers on Life Insurance Workbook, The Questions and Answers on Disability Insurance Workbook, The Questions and Answers on Insurance Planner and Insurance Made Easy.  

To learn more about Tony’s work, you can check out his website: https://tonysteuer.com/

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post.

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