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Easy Steps for Starting a Nonprofit Organization

5 Easy Steps for Starting a Nonprofit Organization

A few years ago I created a 5 part series of videos that walked you through easy steps for starting a nonprofit organization. Since then, we’ve been working hard at YippieKiYay to develop a software solution that makes it even easier called InstantNonprofit.

With instant NonProfit getting your 501c3 tax exempt status is easy.  The process includes incorporation and EIN as well.  Best of all, our average IRS approval time is 3-10 weeks. That’s 300% faster than the average 2013-2014 IRS delay.

Here is a brief version of easy steps for starting a nonprofit orgranization from the video:

Step 1. Complete your application online

With our InstantNonprofit software, we’ll incorporate your nonprofit and obtain your EIN (included as needed) and complete your IRS Form 1023 Application for Tax-Exempt Status. Our smart application, just like TurboTax, only asks you for information relevant to your organization. Complete it at your own pace. All information is secure and confidential.

Step 2. Get one to one support over the phone

After the initial input, your personal nonprofit concierge guides you through the rest of the process by phone or email. Our 501(c)3 expert will deliver the final draft IRS Form 1023 package as a PDF for your approval. Sign and we’ll ship everything Express to the IRS along with your Filing Fee.

Step 3. We will handle the rest

We’ll handle any questions posed by the IRS and provide requested documentation. You will receive your IRS approval letter in the mail. Meanwhile, you can access useful guidance, tools, and training.

Start here and get nonprofit status the quickest way on the web.

Alternatively, if you would like to review our comprehensive set of training videos, check out our YouTube channel.

You can also contact us for a phone call. We’d love to help you get started on your mission!

Easy Steps for Starting a Nonprofit Organization
Easy Steps for Starting a Nonprofit Organization
Confused on how to start a nonprofit? Here are some easy steps for starting a nonprofit organization by Instant Nonprofit. Read more to learn.
Instant Nonprofit
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