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(VIDEO) Nonprofit Teaches Entrepreneurship to Impoverished Kids | Wisdom for Kids | Angel Ribo

(VIDEO) Nonprofit Teaches Entrepreneurship to Impoverished Kids | Wisdom for Kids | Angel Ribo

81 million kids live in poverty in Latin America with no resources to succeed.

Enter Angel Ribo, Co Founder and CEO of Wisdom for Kids, a nonprofit laser focused on empowering the children of Latin America with entrepreneurial education.

During his successful career working for an international software company, Angel traveled throughout Latin America and was constantly exposed to not only the poverty stricken conditions, but also by the kids trying to survive in it by attempting to sell him services.

These experiences continued to influence and inspire Angel, ultimately leading to him to his life’s purpose – helping the children of Latin America succeed in life.

Angel wasted no time in organizing his resources and effectively launched Wisdom for Kids and has been changing lives in Latin America ever since.

In this inspiring episode of Changemakers, on Yippiekiyay.TV you’ll learn:

  • How a hotel room epiphany led Angel to his life’s purpose
  • Why entrepreneurship guarantees the future of these children
  • The power meditation for kids
  • Angel’s one piece of advice to know if your nonprofit business is right for you

And much more.

If you’re wondering if you should take action on that gut feeling of yours that keeps telling you to go for what you truly want…..this episode is definitely for you.

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Finally, if you’d like to connect with Angel and Wisdom for Kids, you can check out the website or reach out on Facebook.

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