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Why In The World Would You Start A Nonprofit?

A tax-exempt nonprofit provides a profound opportunity to tap into the generosity and passion of people all over the world for the betterment of people, animals, and the environment we all rely on.

People of all walks of life (and you too) participate in improving their corner of the world daily, whether it’s picking up a piece of trash on their morning walk, dropping cash in the hand of someone in need of food, or calling an elderly neighbor just to see how things are going.

I call them “Daymakers ….and they change lives.

But, imagine how much greater an impact can be made by these people whose passion to solve a problem spurs them to stat a nonprofit – and thereby connects a global network of others who desire to offer their time, talent or treasure to leave their “dent in the universe” as well?

They build a thriving nonprofit and become unstoppable…. changing lives forever.

When we think of people who inspire us, they’re nearly always associated with a cause.

Great champions such as Jane Goodall, Christopher Reeve, Mother Teresa and Gandhi left an indelible mark on society. They showed us the power of one individual to change the life of another.

If we look beneath the media exposure and often jaded exterior that age brings and ask children and teens – and many adults as well – who their personal heroes are, chances are it’s a sports coach, teacher, or someone associated with a nonprofit such as Special Olympics, Boys and Girls Club, Charity Water, and other champions of great causes.

Their actions and contributions make your heart sing, and tap into that deeper expression of yourself….the part that wants to give.

People of all stations, socioeconomic circumstances, and ages dream of starting a nonprofit.

In many cases, the problem they long to solve is one they’ve experienced. For example, one grows up in poverty, realizes great success, and goes on a mission to free others of this burden.

In other cases, people desire to give back to solve problems in a world that has given them so much. They long for a deeper sense of fulfillment in their lives, something that connects them to a purpose much bigger than themselves. A legacy of service.

Now, you’ve likely seen the work of large nonprofit organizations, but what about the challenges you face in your own neighborhood? The ones that don’t have a robust, well-known organization to help?

The answer to that question is the reason behind the vast majority of the 1.6 Million nonprofits in the U.S….

(Millennial Jenna Lee Nardella started a clean water nonprofit with a rock band, now the $3.5M organization has helped over 1M people. Courtesy Philanthropy.com )

It’s up to YOU and ME to solve the problems we’re faced with in our own backyard.

Just like the phenomenon of 7 Billion people on Planet Earth with not one shared DNA sequence, absolutely no one else in the world sees the reality of your community with your eyes, from your perspective, as influenced by your experience.

But, realizing “If I don’t do this, who will?” is only part of the journey.

There’s a discovery process we’ve seen…sometimes years long….and sometimes culminating in an overnight epiphany.

It goes something like this….

You’ve noticed a situation where your neighbor, “Mary”, is elderly and in a wheelchair and has not received a visitor in weeks. Dangerous, lonely, and completely unacceptable.

Remember….“Do unto others as you’d have done to you.”

So, you call county human services and several larger area nonprofits – to no avail.

All of this effort…and some help from Google… reveals what you began to suspect: There’s no help for Mary – and she’s not alone.

You then meet another kind soul, Susan, who visits as many elderly “shut-ins” as she can, but can barely afford the gas to get around on her social security income.

That does it…it’s time to rally the troops!

You bring up the problem to your friends and gather get a small commitment to support an effort to connect Susan and other retirees with their passion for giving to those in need of a kind hand with the laundry, an errand, or just an ear to listen over a hot tea.

You throw a fundraiser three weeks later, raise $1,072 and create a new effort, “Mary’s Miracle” is born!

Now, a new problem presents itself…. Mary’s Miracle needs a way to handle the donations and manage the volunteers.

People love the idea, but it needs some structure, and you can barely handle the phone calls pouring in for donations and others in need.

(Instantonprofit, CEO Christian LeFer, talks about the “hero” inside the heart of every human )

This is where InstantNonprofit comes in!

We’ve empowered hundreds of thousands of people with a roadmap to starting a nonprofit.

We make it easy for you by taking the frustrating paperwork off your hands, getting you IRS approved, 501(c)3 tax-exempt status with minimal effort, nominal cost and in a fraction of the time it takes to deal with the government.

And presto! You’ve launched your life-changing nonprofit!

Your donors are thrilled (and growing) since they can now get the awesome tax write-offs for their generous gifts, and you keep living your mission and connecting others to theirs.

(Image courtesy of the Peace Corps)

Starting a nonprofit is priceless.

In starting a nonprofit organization, you’ll embark on the exciting life of the social entrepreneur, which offers the thrill of business ownership plus the extraordinary feeling of making a difference… perhaps a lifesaving one…in the lives of others, while inspiring more along the way.

If you fail to take this challenge, you may come to the realization that the “safe” choice has left you drained of motivation, feeling empty, and worse…feeling like you could have done more.

We all intuitively want to give in our own unique way. It’s human nature.

The rewards are extraordinary….and they transcend most human experiences.

Therefore, we encourage you to continue to fulfill the pursuit of what’s meaningful to you…

And, we’re happy to help.

To your mission,

Christian LeFer, CEO InstantNonprofit

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post.

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