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To 501c3 or not to 501c3… that is the question!

Join Christian LeFer as he chats with Chuck Tuck on whether or not a 501c3 is the best fit for your organization.

Resources Mentioned:

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Behind the Story with Chuck Tuck

The world is full of wonderful and interesting people, places, and events. The combination of these things makes for an amazing experience for all who are willing to explore. With this in mind, let Behind The Story With Chuck Tuck take you on a journey through the heart-warming stories, important lessons, and educational moments that are waiting to be discovered.

For more information on Chuck’s work – visit www.chucktuck.com or follow him on instagram https://www.instagram.com/chucktuckphoto/

About the Host: Chuck Tuck

A Member of National Press Photographers Association (NPPA), Chuck is always out on an adventure to discover stories. Whether in front and center at a concert, hiking in the sweltering heat or walking the coastal waters, Chuck always brings a camera along .

A director and storyteller, Chuck’s images capture the moment. Friends and clients consistently use one word to describe my work- real. “Chuck captures what’s there, and in the moment.”

Chuck’s work has appeared in:

Rolling Stone.com, SHARP & DIAMOND Landscape Architecture Inc., Microsoft, Verizon Wireless, City of Seattle, Gold’s Gym Mukilteo, Women’s Forum, TVGroove, E-medianet, CBS, NBC, Parent Society, Corus Entertainment, AEGIS, etc.

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