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Handling Your Nonprofit’s Legal Obligations

In this podcast, Christian LeFer and Stu Swineford talk about the hurdles of operating a nonprofit and how you can overcome them.

As you surely know, starting a nonprofit can be challenging. 

Nonprofit leaders usually find themselves with way too much to do—and too little time and expertise to tackle every detail. 

That would be frustrating at the best of times, but even more so when you just want to get your organization up and running so you can start doing good for the world.

That’s why my guest today, Christian LeFer, created Instant Nonprofit. His business helps those creating and working within the nonprofit space overcome legal hurdles so they can stay focused on running their organizations.

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Relish THIS: The Purpose-Marketing Podcast with Stu Swineford

Relish THIS is a weekly conversation with nonprofit leaders about their organization and ways to unearth some gold to help them expand their mission through marketing. Get marketing insights, tips, and great discussions to help move your organization forward. For more, check out https://relishstudio.com/podcast

About the Host: Stu Swineford

Stu is a self-confessed mountain-fella, author, podcast host, and also the Co-Founder of Relish Studio- a digital marketing firm that creates conversion-focused marketing solutions for nonprofits and purpose-focused business leaders.

When away from the screen: Stu runs stupid-long distances – even when not being chased. He also enjoys skiing in the winter and riding bikes when the snow isn’t flying. On other days, Stu volunteers with the Colorado House Rabbit Society.

Interested in learning more? Connect with Stu through their website at relishstudio.com. You can also reach him directly via email at stuart@relishstudio.com, or by phone at 303.825.4441.

Mission Uncomfortable

Interested in learning more about Purpose-Driven Marketing? I wrote book! Mission Uncomfortable: How Nonprofits Can Embrace Purpose-Driven Marketing to Survive and Thrive is now available. If you would like to read it, visit https://missionuncomfortablebook.com to grab a copy and get your purpose-driven marketing score. – Stu Swineford

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