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Fortress of Resources

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    Typically, notice is required prior to meetings of boards of directors. However, many nonprofits don’t have time to waste on such formalities – and if so, this Waiver of Notice document will do the trick. Waiver of Notice and Consent 6-9-15
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    Recruiting board members can be daunting. When you ask someone to join your board, often the person will silently ask themselves three questions: “How much work am I being asked to do in this position?”; “How long will this obligation last?”; and “Will saying ‘yes’ potentially damage our relationship when it comes time to quit the board?” This handy document is designed to assuage your prospective board member’s concerns, while also protecting you from an uncomfortable conversation, should the board member fail to show up or perform the minimal required duties. Yippiekiyay Board Director or Trustee Consent Acknowledgement
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    Yes, you CAN raise money while you are waiting for your Yippiekiyay-prepared IRS 501(c)3 application to be approved? This memo is designed to assure donors they can contribute today, and get their deduction when tax time comes around. Yippiekiyay-Memo-Retro-Deductibility-Pending-501c3
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    Getting your Board of Directors int he same room for a meeting? Hard. But getting everyone to agree on things in lieu of a meeting? Easy. Use this Unanimous Consent template (and this one is pre-loaded with the action items needed to kick off your new 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Yippiekiyay-UnanimousConsent-Template-Rev6-2015
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    Need to raise money? Our staff, partners, and customers have used presentations to raise millions using this template and script: Fundraising Presentation in Powerpoint and the Fundraising Presentation PPTX Script.
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    Need to capture board minutes? Use this template: Yippiekiyay Board Minutes Template
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    Ready to open a bank account? Go here to download a Banking Resolution template to authorize it.
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    Click Here to get our “Nonprofit Starter Donor Housefile” in Microsoft Excel (use this to keep track of your potential – and actual – donors). Eventually you’ll need a better contact/donor CRM (customer relationship management) system, but this can help you raise your first $50,000 from companies and individuals. Whether you have the Excel software or not, we recommend you upload this file to Google Drive, where it will become a handy and always-backed-up collaborative worksheet.

With all these resources, it's time for you to start your 501c3. When you do we can help. We'll cover everything you need. We can even help with your annual corporation report. Read our 501c3 success stories to learn how we've helped clients in the past on the road to starting a nonprofit.

Fortress of Resources
Fortress of Resources
Starting Your Own Nonprofit can be very daunting. Here is a Fortress of Resources to help you make notes of small things that matter.
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