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Sammy Taggett | President, The Foundlings | Instant Nonprofit Customer

Starting a 501(c)3 an be a long and expensive process, but Sammy found a huge shortcut...and as a result, you can start faster and easier than previously possible...Go to InstantNonprofit" - as quoted on Mike Dillard's #1 Entrepreneur Podcast "Self Made"

Sammy Taggett a.k.a “Shoebox Moses" | Artist, DJ | President, The Foundlings | San Diego

Leroi Catlin | Founder, Fresh Vision Group | Instant Nonprofit Customer

You guys were the subject matter experts and you have a proven track record in starting a 501(c)3 and  making the process easier for everyone. It allowed us to have more confidence in getting started and reaching out and working with people. 

LeRoi Catlin | Founder Fresh Vision Group | Chicago's South Side


I was gonna give up and I was completely confused.  I didn’t have the money to pay lawyers and file paperwork on my own. I found you guys and it almost looked too good to be true. This was a great experience and I was walked through the entire process. You were there for me the entire time! 

Chystal Pate | FOUNDER, HEALING AND HOPE | Texas


"I checked into law firms, and even hit the streets...when you research a company, certain things stand out as legitimate - expertise, experience, adherence to the law - so do your research, but don’t waste time -- go directly to InstantNonprofit!" 


Mark Leonard | President, Ml Ministries | Instant Nonprofit Customer

I've worked in large church and nonprofit operations, and in the major television production space. I know what I'm good at and what I need help with - and when it came time to start my 501(c)3 nonprofit, I knew to call InstantNonprofit. Their team was amazing!

Mark Leonard, Worldwide Pastor | President, ML Ministries  |  Colorado

Dave Skattum | Summit Academy School | Instant Nonprofit Customer

As a busy small business owner, I don’t have time for confusing forms or phone tag with the IRS. Thanks to the InstantNonprofit Package, we received our IRS 501(C)(3) in only six weeks, our seed donor matched our funds, and now we’re helping change kids’ lives.


Dan Reed | President, Seed Fundraisers | Instant Nonprofit Customer

"As a major gifts philanthropy professional, I've worked alongside this team for a decade and believe in their guiding purpose and service quality. If you have a need to launch and grow your nonprofit,  I encourage you to check them out - you'll be glad you did!"

Dan Reed, Philanthropy LeaderPresident, Seed Fundraisers | Denver


My experience has been great. I mean you guys take care of everything, really!.  Not only that, it's not only the usage of the system, it is what happens afterwards. The customer is continuously informed of the next steps. You really know what to do all the way. It's so easy, no heavy lifting, it was nothing!

Angel Ribo, The CEO COnfidant | Founder, Wisdom for Kids | Texas & Mexico