How to Register a 501c3 Organization?

Our 3-Step all-inclusive Instant Nonprofit package guides you through the whole process of nonprofit registration from “idea” to “IRS approval” in a fraction of the time 

Simply check out by answering  basic questions about your new nonprofit, complete & verify your profile in minutes, and we’ll carefully review and submit your 501(c)3 package for approval, while you take advantage of our Nonprofit Startup Resources and Training!

Your job is to focus on your mission.

Our job is...everything else!

Here's How to Register a 501c3 Organization

Are you wondering how you can start a nonprofit organization?

There are two ways to register your 501(c)3 nonprofit organization: register it yourself, which is an extremely tedious task that takes a significant amount of time and money or let us handle the entire process for you, from start to finish.

Here’s how it works...

Complete Your Checkout

Provide your name and email address and click “Get Started”. Next we’ll ask a few key questions about your new organization like where it will be based and so on so we can guide you on the right path to setting up your very own 501(c)3 organization as per the regulations in your state.

Based on the requirements of your to-be established organization, you can choose one of the two packages: the Enterprise 501(c)3 Formation or the Express 501(c)3 Formation. Next select your payment option and BOOM! You’re a nonprofit founder.

Finish The Easy Onboarding Process

You’ll get our “Welcome Email” which provides a link to an online form to enter your nonprofit profile information. It’s quite straightforward and easy to use - most of our customers complete this step in about 20 minutes – that’s all!

This is where your work ends and ours begins. Once completed, we’ll review and send you an authorization document for a quick e-signature to confirm your information and jumpstart the 501(c)3 application filing process.

Review Your Full Document Package

Once your profile is complete, we’ll file Articles of Incorporation, obtain your EIN (a.k.a. "Tax ID Number"), and create all policies, bylaws, and all required 501(c)3 documents. We’ll also generate your robust governance and value-add documents package - and load everything into your secure, shared cloud folder for safekeeping and one-click access.

All of these activities are typically quite time consuming and require a ton of effort. However, we take care of all these items on the checklist, including compliance requirements, in a quick and efficient manner so you not only get your registration approved as soon as possible but you can also focus on the myriad other critical tasks that go into building your 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization.

Finish, Approve, and Relax!

Once we obtain verified copies of your Articles and carefully review all documentation, we will submit your 501(c)3 Application to the IRS for approval and provide access to your Nonprofit Education Vault and monthly interactive live trainings - so you can advance your mission! You’ll receive a notice for approval in the mail from anywhere between 4 and 6 weeks.

Our Continuing Commitment Including Training

Our process is so fast and efficient, customers often ask, “What’s Next?” Getting your IRS 501(c)(3) approval is just the beginning.

Following checkout, we will store your documents securely in the cloud and follow up with additional tips, training, and tools that help you in every area of nurturing and growing your nonprofit. So it’s time to stop thinking about how you can start a nonprofit organization - leave it to Instant Profit and you concentrate on the more critical stuff that needs your attention!

Have questions about starting your nonprofit?

Attend our next video training session to get your questions answered. And discover how you can quickly and easily get a 501c3 approved status for your nonprofit organization...

Customer Reviews

"As a busy small business owner, I don’t have time for confusing forms or phone tag with the IRS. Thanks to Instant Nonprofit (Yippiekiyay), we received our IRS 501(C)(3) in only six weeks, our seed donor matched our funds, and now we’re helping change kids’ lives.” - Dave S, Montana

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