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All Nonprofits from $0 to $50,000 MUST file a  990-N "Tax Return".

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Rich & Cris Darnell, ZoeExpressions, NY | Instant Nonprofit Testimonial

I have nothing but good things to say about InstantNonprofit! From beginning to end it was efficient, seamless and easy.

I not only recommend them but would choose them again and again if i have to incorporate any other non-profit organizations in the future.

Rich & Cris Darnell, ZoeExpressions, NY

John Boyle, IRS Enrolled Agent/CTC, AZ | Instant Nonprofit Testimonial

As an accountant, I know how people often get in trouble forgetting to file with the IRS.

I have recommended InstantNonprofit for 5 years and counting - and appreciate their level of excellence, because I know how important it is to have an advocate when dealing with the IRS.

John Boyle, IRS Enrolled Agent/CTC, AZ

I didn’t have the money to pay lawyers or file paperwork on my own - and was confused and ready to give up. 

I found you guys and it almost looked too good to be true! InstantNonprofit's staff was there for me the entire time! 

Chystal Pate, Healing & Hope,TX

How it works

3 simple steps. It's that easy.

1) Sign Up and Provide Profile

Get the peace of mind of knowing your nonprofit’s 990-N “Tax Return” is filed for Tax Year 2018 – in less than 10 minutes of work.
Preserve your 501(c)3 status, avoid the stress of filing an extension and wondering how you’ll find the time to file the 990-N, and satisfy the fiduciary duties of your Board.

2) Complete a Simple Form

We only ask you for information relevant to getting the job done – the process is extremely simple and straightforward. All information is secure and confidential.
Once you provide some basic data about your organization, our 501(c)3 experts will file your 990-N and provide a filing receipt via email. It’s that easy!

3) Instant Confirmation

Once we deliver Proof of Filing to your email inbox, the IRS will process your 990-N and send an approval letter in the mail.
We’ll save your fiscal year information and remind you when it’s time to file your future 990. And since we securely store your critical filing data, your next filing will be even easier!

IRS 990 Requirements & FAQ

Who must file the IRS Form 990 (including 990-N)?

Virtually every single tax-exempt organization with revenues between $0 (yep, that's ZERO) and $50,000 or less must file Form 990. Before 2006, these small organizations were not required to file annually with the IRS, but since 2010, more than 300,000 organizations have lost their tax-exempt status due to non filing!

Does an organization need to file if its application for tax exemption is pending?

No, it is only due for any tax year during which the organization had IRS 501(c)3 Tax-Exempt Status.

What happens if I fail to file Form 990?

An organization that fails to file the required e-Postcard (or annual return) for three consecutive tax years automatically loses its tax-exempt status.

Can an organization have its tax-exempt status reinstated?

Yes, but you must apply (or reapply) and pay the $275 IRS Filing Fee to have your tax-exempt status reinstated if it was revoked because you failed to file the 990 for three consecutive years. Reinstatement may be retroactive to the date of revocation if the organization can show that it had reasonable cause for not filing. To apply (or re-apply) for tax-exempt status, go here.

 IRS 990 Requirements | Instant Nonprofit

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