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Fundraising Suite

Everything you need to create, operationalize, and sustainably fund your nonprofit

...so you can focus on your mission! 

We Light the Path Before You to Make it Easy 

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Nonprofit name & address, basic purpose, and two other members.
We give you guides for everything!

Relax! We do the rest.

Once we start your state and IRS filing process, we walk you step by step through all 5 stages of the nonprofit lifecycle.

InstantNonprofit makes launching the legal end of a faith-based 501(c)3 prompt, professional, and painless!

At Exponential, they're our go to solution for help with forming new non-profits.

Todd Wilson, CEO at Exponential
a Leading International Church Multiplier

Trusted by forward-thinking Nonprofits around the world

Start a 501(c)3 nonprofit and make your impact!

If you've been wondering how to start a nonprofit, your search is over! Every plan we offer includes incorporation and IRS 501(c)3 application, as well as all required documents - backed by our 100% IRS approval guarantee.

We've got you covered

Trust is a top priority when it comes to getting help to start a nonprofit 501(c)3 and fulfill your nonprofit calling.

We take all of the work out of your 501(c)3 application, with 100% transparency along the way, and careful attention to every step. All so that you can focus on your mission. 

If something does come up, though, we have your back! With our 100% IRS Approval Guarantee covering extra work due to potential government agency mistakes, you’re supported throughout the process. 

Fastest results in the industry. Weeks, not months!

No hidden fees or "up-sells" - it's all-inclusive

Zero confusing paperwork, terms or technology

Expert 1-on-1 Nonprofit Specialist support

Free training and tools to help you SUCCEED

A+ BBB Rating, 5-star Facebook, Awesome reviews!

What's Included?

Every plan includes the tools below - because our mission is to help you focus on your mission, not waste time and money trying to figure it all out.

Literally everything you need to start a nonprofit, starting with State & Federal filings

 Nonprofit Articles of Incorporation in your State

EIN - Employer Identification Number

IRS Tax-Exempt Application (Form 1023)

All required Schedules and Addenda

Customized Bylaws and Required Policies

Expedited processing of every file

Nonprofit Founder's Playbook

Because "Comprehensive 501(c)3 Corporate Governance &

Management Guides " sounds SO boring...

Here are some of our clients' favorite blueprints:

Why and how you can legally fundraise NOW (pre-IRS approval)

Step-by-step training on recruiting & manage a board

Toolkit & training so you can run annual meetings like a pro

How to set maintenance filings on auto-pilot

... And much more

Comprehensive One-Stop Shop:
Your customer account portal

Easy, secure Access to ALL of your resources!

All of your Approved Nonprofit Documents

Founder’s Playbook Video Training

Nonprofit Bootcamp (Enhanced videos & worksheets)

How to Run Your Board Meeting in 30 Minutes (Video Training)

Comprehensive (and growing) FAQ & Knowledge Base

Worry-free navigation of annual maintenance & more!

Expert customer service. By humans.

When you’re entrusting a partner to help you start a nonprofit, there’s no substitute for accountable, caring, expert support.

That’s why you’ll have consistent email updates and phone support from the same Nonprofit Specialist who is guiding your 501(c)3  file all the way through our proven process.

100% IRS Approval Guaranteed

IRS Approved

We deliver results, not empty promises. If the state or IRS issues a rejection of any filing or application, InstantNonprofit will remedy it in a timely manner or fully refund our service charges plus government fees. Isn’t that the way it should be?

The IRS website is like a kick in the throat. I needed a solution for the huge paperwork problem.

InstantNonprofit does the heavy lifting, so you can focus on your purpose. It's the best investment I made for my nonprofit, hands down.

Sarah Downey Robinson
Founder, Rise Up Yoga, Denver

Welcome to the world of the Elite Impact Entrepreneur.

Crossing the threshold into leadership and legacy.

Elite Entity 501(c)3 Formation Suite

For organizations intending to create needle-moving change.



plus ~$775 Government filing fees
  • End-to-End Nonprofit Formation Package - Includes 501(c)3 Tax-Exempt Status - Long-Form 1023 Application all filings including incorporation, EIN, bylaws - $2497 Value
  • 1 Year Managed Corporate Governance Support & Training - Facilitated Board Meeting, full suite of corporate governance documents & records - $297 Value
  • 1 Year Done-For-You Compliance - Includes Charitable Solicitation Registration in Home State, Annual Report, 990 Filing - $1144 Value
  • Foundations: Fundraising Training & Coaching Program - Raise $100k to $1M in 2021 to power your new nonprofit $2,397 Value (click here for Foundations Fundraising Program details)
  • Apply for & Obtain Google Grants Award - $10,000 per month in Google Ads $497 value
  • Systemize, Scale & Superposition Training & Coaching - Effortlessly take your organization through the 5 Stages of a Sustainable Nonprofit - $2,364 Savings & Value
  • 5-State Charitable Solicitation Registration (Fundraising Compliance) Package - $1500 Value

Comparable Value exceeds $12,893

Total value if purchased separately on our site $7,641

Ready to start a nonprofit, but still have questions?

Book a Strategy Session to learn more, and get started in making a global impact.

Your questions answered

Does InstantNonprofit help with grant writing or fundraising as well?

InstantNonprofit offers basic fundraising training & resources, 100% free upon purchase of one of our 501(c)3 Formation packages. 

We also offer professional fundraising training through a long-time partner, who raises tens of millions for a broad array of causes. 

Finally, we have a growing list of vetted grant writers who are available for introductions.

What if I already formed an LLC (or other entity) or obtained an EIN? Can I re-purpose?

Many people come to us ready to start their nonprofit, hoping that they can utilize an LLC or other company entity formed inependently, or perhaps obtaining an EIN.

It’s important to note that an LLC is not compatible with a 501(c)3; if you mistakenly started an LLC for the purpose of taking a step toward starting a nonprofit, it will need to be dissolved (we can help with this). 

The correct type of entity is the Nonprofit Corporate (called a Non-Stock corporation in Virginia). It's also important to note that even in cases where the correct entity type was filed, there is also required addenda (Purpose and Dissolution Clause), without which the IRS will reject your application.

If you filed a Nonprofit Corporation but failed to add the required language prior to starting with us, don't worry! We'll carefully examine your documents and file the proper amendment at no charge (not including government fees).

Also any EIN that is or was assigned to another entity at any time is NOT able to be applied to your new nonprofit - a new one must be obtained.

The BEST thing to do is NOTHING - it's usually better to start fresh with InstantNonprofit - because we do it all FOR you!

Can I be reimbursed for my nonprofit startup costs?

Yes. Either your nonprofit can pay you back or you can choose to write it off as a business expense on your nonprofit’s taxes. 

Can my for-profit and nonprofit work together?

Yes. You can build a strategic partnership with your for-profit and nonprofit, however, your nonprofit will be set up as it’s own entity and operate separately from your for-profit. 

Can you help with Bookkeeping & Accounting, Payroll, and other services as my nonprofit grows?

Yes. InstantNonprofit can assemble the right team with a combination of in-house talent and partner team members to handle almost any conceivable need you may foresee. Schedule a strategy session to review your needs and create your roadmap.