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  • Keep your Good Standing and Tax-Exempt Status!
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  • Avoid Fees & Penalties for late or incorrect filings 
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Rich & Cris Darnell, ZoeExpressions, NY | Instant Nonprofit Testimonial

I have nothing but good things to say about InstantNonprofit! From beginning to end it was efficient, seamless and easy. 

I not only recommend them but would choose them again and again if i have to incorporate any other non-profit organizations in the future.

Rich & Cris Darnell, ZoeExpressions, NY

 John Boyle, IRS Enrolled Agent/CTC, AZ | Instant Nonprofit Testimonial

As an accountant, I know how people often get in trouble forgetting to file with the IRS.

I have recommended InstantNonprofit for 5 years and counting - and appreciate their level of excellence, because I know how important it is to have an advocate when dealing with the IRS.

John Boyle, CTC,

IRS Enrolled Agent, AZ

I didn’t have the money to pay lawyers or file paperwork on my own - and was confused and ready to give up. 

I found you guys and it almost looked too good to be true! This was a great experience InstantNonprofit's staff was there for me the entire time! 

Chystal Pate, Founder

Healing & Hope,TX

How it works

3 simple steps. It's that easy.

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1) Sign Up and Provide Profile

Get peace of mind in less than 10 minutes, knowing your Nonprofit Corporation State
 Annual/Periodic Report is being managed for you.
Preserve your corporate status, avoid the stress and potential late filing fees, and wondering how you’ll find the time to navigate the ever-changing rules and forms set by your Secretary of State.
Fill Out a Form for Nonprofit Corporation Annual Report Filing | Instant Nonprofit

2) Complete a Simple Form

We only ask you for information relevant to getting the job done in a simple and straightforward process.
Once you provide some basic organizational  data through our 100% secure system , our nonprofit experts will execute and provide a filing receipt via email. It’s that easy!
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3) Instant Confirmation

Once we deliver Proof of Filing to your email inbox, the state will process your report and send an approval letter in the mail.
We’ll save your profile and remind you when it’s time to file your future reports. And since we securely store your critical filing data, your next filing will be even easier!

Annual Report Requirements & FAQ

Are any nonprofits exempt from filing the Nonprofit Corporation State Annual Report?

Regardless of the name or term used - Periodic Report, Statement of Information, or Annual Report, every state requires every formal entity type to file this report. The reason is that without a regular reporting mechanism for both nonprofits and for-profit companies, your Secretary of State would have no way of knowing which organizations may have gone out of business, moved, or lost the ability to operate.

When is the Nonprofit Corporation State Annual Report due?

Each state has its own, independent schedule for these filings. The actual due date may coincide with the month the corporation was formed, or your state may have a specific month in which the report is due for all corporations.

What happens if I fail to file the Nonprofit Corporation State Annual Report?

An organization that fails to file their Annual Report will receive a notice of Delinquent Status, followed by "Administrative Dissolution" - which renders the organization defunct an d out of business.

Oh no! Our Nonprofit Corporation was dissolved. Can we reinstate it?

Each state has its own rules and internal guidelines - which are always evolving. If your corporation has been dissolved and you would like us to reinstate it, we handle that on a case-by-case basis. 

The best thing in this case is to book a call with one of our Specialists so we can find the best avenue to restoring the life and health of your organization: Click here to book a call.

Annual Report Requirements | Instant Nonprofit

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$167 for Filing Service + $35 Government Filing Fee