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[PODCAST] The Empowering Process #60: Doing What Must be Done

Join Christian LeFer and host Gail Kraft as they discuss how you can find the right help to move your dream into action.

Making your dreams come true requires living past fear and Doing What Must Be Done.

So many people have amazing ideas and then don’t follow through because they don’t know what to do and they’re afraid to ask for help.

Think about it. This is the future turning into something that you never have thought could be.

Christian helps entrepreneurs move into the non-profit world and does the heavy lifting for you. He has what it takes after helping nearly 4 thousand nonprofits get started.

Learn to face fear and actually to seek out the places where you have fear. Lean into those because there’s so much gold to be gotten from that place, and realize that this is the path to freedom.

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Christian created a special gift for you! Visit www.instantnonprofit.com/gailkraft and get access to their free bootcamp.

The Empowering Process with Gail Kraft

In this podcast, host Gail Kraft, Motivational Speaker, Writer, and Empowerment Coach holds frank discussions around how your Purpose, being Present, and trusting your Power impact your life. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, leader, or developing your own personal vision you’ll find wisdom and insights you can utilize right now.

About the Host: Gail Kraft

Gail Kraft empowers her clients to take their business, their career, and their lives to a level of awareness aligned with their very core. By combining techniques, Gail provides the tools to achieving massive results and she believes you have the ability to uncover your talent, to find ways to utilize your gift, and to be comfortable with being a creator of your universe.

For more information on Gail’s work – visit www.gailkraft.com or follow her on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/gaillkraft


As a street-smart kid, Gail grew out of the street gangs of Boston to the Board Room working in organizations such as Mass Teachers’ Association, John Hancock Property and Casualty, and General Electric’s Electric Insurance. She turned her first business around at the age of 28 and has continued to help businesses achieve their goals with clarity of vision.

Gail entered into her own business in 2012, creating a model for guiding clients to success utilizing a combination of business tools (such as six-sigma, six disciplines, change acceleration processes), coaching techniques (such as elite life coaching, Neurolinguistics, quantum linguistics), and meta-physical approaches (the nature of the mind; such as meditation, soul alignment, and visualization). She also has programs where she works with personal trainers, aroma-therapists, and massage therapists to bring the mind-body connection together.

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