In this episode of Entrepreneurs Circle Christian and Erik discuss how we can build our legacy while inspiring positive change around us.

Handling Your Nonprofit’s Legal Obligations

In this episode of Entrepreneurs Circle Christian and Erik discuss how we can build our legacy while inspiring positive change around us.

Build a Legacy! Start a nonprofit!

Guest appearance on Tough Talks with Chris Dorris where they created an amazing episode, filled with pearls of wisdom, called “Where are you on your hero’s Journey?” A conversation on how BEING in life can help bring what we are DOING into alignment.

Podcast: “I’ve built myself a monster!”

Listen to the episode where our founder and CEO Christian LeFer joined TYCOONS OF SMALL BIZ with radio hosts, Austin L Peterson and Landon Mance with Backbone Planning Partners.
Did you know that there are more than 15 different types of organizations? 

On the air now with the Tycoons of Business at Phoenix Business RadioX

We’re excited to share our latest podcast collaboration featuring Brad Friedman,
of The Friedman Group and InstantNonprofit Founder and CEO, Christian LeFer
as they dig into the HOW of starting your own nonprofit.


Whatever you celebrate this time of year, we wanted to thank you for working towards making the world a better place through your nonprofit.  Whether or not you’ve started yours yet, I also wanted to thank you for just showing up and working towards making a positive difference in other people’s lives.  Above is a

Happy Holidays From Instant Nonprofit!

Need to make a change to your Board? Easy peasy with this Guide. We often receive requests for assistance to change the makeup of a Nonprofit Board of Directors and/or Officers. Perhaps the organization has a Director who is “Missing in Action”, or there is an unreconcilable difference as the vision and direction of the

How to Change Members of your Nonprofit Board of Directors or Officers

An IRS-perceived conflict of interest can put you at risk of being rejected for your tax-exempt status. The principle conflicts are close connections, outside relationships and self-dealing, and excessive benefit or compensation. IRS concerns over these close connections are aimed at separately established organizations that have (or plan to have) a relationship involving sharing or

06. IRS-Friendly Conflict of Interest Policy With Compliance Form

When you’re recruiting your Founding Board of directors, it’s important to keep things simple and specific. When new board members join, you want to be clear about the requirements of the role and the length of their term with you.    Here’s two main principles on how to onboard your new board members smoothly:  

07. Consent to Serve Form for Director Recruitment

Introduction to Fundraising – Mindset and Philosophy Ultimately, fundraising is all about communication You don’t want to force anyone to give – your target is to frame your cause in a way that helps your prospect find an alignment and meaning in it, that is of higher value than the money in their pocket. [Download

08. Seed Money Magic: Raise Your First $12,000 to $100,000 With This Proven Formula