June 27


An Easier Way to Manage Your Startup Nonprofit

Better known around here as “The Mighty Triumvirate of Free Apps That Will Make Your Life Awesome”, studies show these can cut your stress-load and your workload by one zillion percent.

These three amazing, easy-to-use tools can channel the chaos of hard-to-corral lists, information, contacts, opportunities, and communication into an integrated, organized set of systems. (Chaos, you ask? Well, this IS an eBook about starting a nonprofit – you didn’t expect it to be all sunshine and roses, did you?)

On a serious note, this list of solutions takes for granted that you already have solutions for Email and Contacts. On our site we talk about WHICH email service we like best, and WHICH contacts system or CRM (customer relationship management) we recommend, but like Richard Dreyfus tells Bill Murray in the hilarious comedy “What about Bob?” – ‘it’s all about Baby Steps’.

So without further ado, here are “The Mighty Triumvirate of Free Apps That Will Make Your Life Awesome”:

1. Document Sharing (Google Docs or DropBox). We run all our email, our shared documents and files, and other critical hosted back-office solutions on Google Apps. Watch this video:

3. Project/Tasks Management App (Asana, Omnifocus). We run our company on Asana. Enough said – watch the darn video.

We have hitched Yippiekiyay’s star to the wagon that is the “Almighty of Tech”: Google. Part of Google’s business model is to use their mountains of cash to go around buying companies that make life WAY better for millions of people in a way that’s easy to use, and then they incorporate those tools into their Google Apps suite. They give away what just a few years ago would have cost $1000’s plus per year for FREE.

For the long-term, Google’s Business Services capacity is so massive, so secure, and so popular that some of the largest and most powerful companies in the world have their entire infrastructure integrated with Google Apps. So as your nonprofit grows, Google’s free app suite (with the backbone being Gmail, Google Docs, and Calendar) and social integration (YouTube, Google+) and advertising power can grow with it – and you can pretty much count on ZERO downtime. Ever.

Stay Tuned for future posts to learn more about making the nonprofit journey SO much easier by using these awesome and free apps and online tools. To start your nonprofit, work with our 501c3 services. We have many nonprofit support packages, including our nonprofit maintenance package, nonprofit registration, and nonprofit tax return services. We really have everything you need.

An Easier Way to Manage Your Startup Nonprofit
An Easier Way to Manage Your Startup Nonprofit
Founding a startup is a daunting task. Here are some tips on how to easier manage Your startup nonprofit with Instant Nonprofit
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