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[PODCAST] Stranger Connection Podcast: Instant Nonprofit, Psychedelics, and One Strange Evening

Join host Lisa David Olson and Instant Nonprofit CEO Christian Lefer as they discuss about creating a nonprofit in one lunch break and share fun stories about psychedelics, a garbage worker, and a Satan-worshiper?

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Resources Mentioned:

Christian and the Instant Nonprofit team has a discount for Stranger Connection listeners, which is shared in the episode. How cool is that!?

Free Boot Camp / Strategy Session: InstantNonProfit.com/LisaDavidOlson for the discount.

About the Stranger Connections Podcasts

This podcast is an offshoot of Lisa David Olson’s project in bravery, called Serious Selfies With Strangers; where a dare for a non-smiling photo with someone she had not yet met always created a moment of laughter, and often forged the way to new friendships that would never have been.

ABOUT THE HOST : Lisa David Olson

Lisa David Olson has two decades of writing and performing comedy experience, as well as speaking on how humor saved her life. Be the nosy neighbor and listen in as she interviews people she barely knows, (or hasn’t yet met) to hear about their weird life stories or quirky careers.

There’s a lady who says she can communicate with your dog, a man who used to be a zen monk, and even a guy from Russia who gave himself up for adoption at age 9.
Expect a few laughs sprinkled in as guests are invited to share a prank or embarrassing moment too. When your host is a bold and curious beast – anything goes.

Books available; Laughs On Wry; an improvisor’s memoir and What If’s and Why Nots; a journal full of creative cues to unravel stuck moments.

To learn more about Lisa’s work, you can check her out on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisa-david-olson-80376612/

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