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  • (VIDEO) Nonprofit Takes a “Millennial Perspective” to Empower Chicago | Fresh Vision Group | LeRoi Catlin

(VIDEO) Nonprofit Takes a “Millennial Perspective” to Empower Chicago | Fresh Vision Group | LeRoi Catlin

(VIDEO) Nonprofit Takes a “Millennial Perspective” to Empower Chicago | Fresh Vision Group | LeRoi Catlin

Every city has it’s challenges, and the Southside of Chicago has definitely seen its fair share of negative attention.

But rather than writing off this part of the the city as “Bad” or “Dangerous” and ignoring the people living in it, how about transforming the culture through fun, innovative solutions that channel the city’s best resources?

And that’s exactly what LeRoi Catlin, Co Founder and President of the nonprofit Fresh Vision Group aims to do.

LeRoi was born on the Southside of Chicago and understands the environment thoroughly. He’s a leader in the community and chooses to take a fresh perspective on how to solve the city’s challenges.

Instead of typical programs that can feel stale, forced, or flat out boring, LeRoi and his team aim to use a “Think Outside the Box” approach infused with a “Millenial Perspective” to create innovative programs and initiatives that utilize the arts, the technology scene, entrepreneurship and overall community welfare to empower the under represented people of Chicago.

With programs such as Feed the City, Clean the City, and Good in the Hood, they’re not only empowering (and entertaining) the people of Chicago, they’re also transforming what it means to “volunteer”.

By nurturing a culture of creativity, fun, independence, family, and entrepreneurship, Fresh Vision Group has attracted talented, dedicated volunteers and staff who will undoubtedly continue to drive their mission forward.

In this fun episode of Changemakers on Yippiekiyay.TV you’ll learn:

  • How a “Millenial Perspective” transforms programs and the volunteer experience
  • How Fresh Vision Group plans to be a one stop resource for Chicago
  • LeRoi’s high productivity habits and routines

And so much more.

If you’re looking to put a fresh, innovative twist on your nonprofit, then this episode is for you and a must share for any aspiring nonprofit entrepreneurs you might know.

Thank you for reading, watching and sharing. We’re grateful that you’re here.

Cheers to your mission,

Jacqui Long | Yippiekiyay

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