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Yippiekiyay Rated “Top 10” of 102 Startups

Contact: Joanna Meyer, joanna@instantnonprofit.com

DENVER, CO – In an in-depth assessment of investible startups, SaaS provider Yippiekiyay was rated “Top 10” of 102 applicants by the panel of judges at the 2015 Angel Capital Summit (ACS) hosted by Rockies Venture Club (RVC). The panel concluded that the company, which provides filing and compliance solutions to nonprofits, is “highly attractive to Investors” with “funding imminent” using criteria and evaluation algorithms provided by ValidEval.com, an RVC partner.

Judges praised Yippiekiyay’s innovative, affordable solutions and anticipate its services will redefine the industry. With its concisely defined market segmentation and growing industry relationships, Yippiekiyay is poised to help hundreds of new nonprofits launch in the months to come.

Click here to see detailed results of the Valid Eval assessment: Yippiekiyay RVC-ValidEval Results 3-11-15

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